As any doctor will tell you, when you want people to feel better and help the body perform in a healthier manner, then there is no way that beats sex. While we talk about sex, we don’t mean the complete act of sex, but only the sensations that are aroused during it.

What we are talking about is erotic male massage, which is tantric massage that goes beyond mere sex. For centuries, Tantric sex and massage has been a way not only to get closer to each other, but to also help you develop a deep connection with your partner, yourself and the world around you.

Through Tantric massage or male erotic massage, you can discover the benefits of being with a partner you love, who understands the fundamentals of male genital massage.

There is a common misconception that Tantric massage is a sexual massage, and while there is a sexual aspect to it, it is more about healing yourself through self-discover and the use of sexual energy. Tantric massage is a divine experience that is associated with the spiritual factors of the Tantra. In reality, the word Tantra means ‘personal growth in a pleasurable existence’.

Through this massage, you can begin to experience pleasure like you never thought possible, and since it is Tantric, it is highly spiritual and something that will leave you awakened to the cosmos, yourself and everything around you. There are many ways to perform Tantric male massage, but generally it involves the gentle motions of the hand along the head and shaft of the penis to heighten the pleasure of the experience for both the masseuse and the individual receiving the erotic male massage.

Through the course of the massage, an emphasis on gentle, fingertip touching must be kept to ensure that the proper experience is achieved through the Tantric massage. It is important to remember that the point is not sex with Tantric massage, but to fulfill a deeply personal experience between you and your partner.

We mentioned at the start of the article that there are benefits to sex, and while Tantric massage is not sex, it is based in sexual energy and the use of sexual energy has huge benefits to the body. Whether it is through the healing process of sexual energy, or through the calmness and stress reduction that comes from Tantric massage.

The wonderful thing about Tantric male massage is not that it feels good, but that it has many health and stress reduction benefits not only for the person receiving the massage, but for the person giving the massage as well. Both individuals will be able to benefit from this deeply intimate experience where both will become close through the process of discovering their partner and discovering themselves. By gently massaging the penis of the individual and helping them awaken to new realms of pleasure, the masseuse is helping to raise the individual’s mind to a new realm that will help them become calm, collected and better able to manage life around them.

It is important to understand the benefits of Tantric male massage, but not to confuse it with sex. Sexual energy is a part of it, but the physical act of Tantric massage is not sex, it is self discovery with someone you love. If you are thinking of performing Tantric massage on someone, then you are opening up a whole new world to them, helping them discover things about themselves and you, through the use of Tantric male massage. It is the ultimate form of love, without sex, that a couple can experience.

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