Recent passage of a state sales tax being placed on affiliate commissions in both Rhode Island and North Carolina has raised many eyebrows. Similarly the recent reinstatement and signing of Michael Vick back into the NFL has drawn a lot of heat from both NFL fans and the media.

How do these two mutually exclusive and unrelated events come to being compared? The comparisons here are based upon the motives behind the decision makers and their eventual effects upon the innocent people that they are supposed to be serving.

Here are 3 dubious comparisons between placing a state sales tax on any online affiliate business and the reinstatement of Michael Vick:

Industry Threats

The so called Amazon tax is a threat to the affiliate marketing industry as affiliate programs such as Amazon and Overstock discontinue offering their programs in states where these bills have passed.

The outcome of this current surge in rewriting/reinterpreting the constitution if it is to spread to other states is frightening. What will be next as lawmakers rewrite laws as they see fit to suit their needs.

Michael Vick is threatening the very foundation of the NFL by being allowed to play once again in the league. This changes everything as far as the character limitations of the players allowed to participate. Right or wrong these wealthy and highly publicized athletes are understandably viewed as role models. Is this the direction we want our society to go having our kids emulate individuals of such character?

Greed and Power

The Amazon tax is based upon state lawmakers questionably reaching beyond their constitutionally prescribed limits to impose taxes as a means to resolve state deficits. Feeling assured that they can alter the interpretation of the constitution itself state lawmakers plowed forward to pass these bills in Rhode Island and North Carolina.

Vicks reinstatement into the NFL is based upon the leagues greed to put people in the stands. The attitude that the heinous acts committed by Vick will be quickly forgotten is itself both arrogant and condescending. This is a slap in the face to the NFL fan. Controversy good or bad will draw people but ultimately these same people will be footing the bill for Vicks salary

Wrongful Intentions

States misguided intentions are implemented despite knowing it will effectively eliminate the typical affiliate business. Knowing that affiliate programs WILL cancel their state programs, what exactly is the point to such bills being passed? EVERYBODY loses! The online affiliate loses their income and the state will lose a portion of their already existing tax base. The net effect is a LOSS of state revenue due to these questionable taxes being imposed upon the affiliate marketing industry of that state.

Vicks misguided intentions were implemented for entertainment. ENTERTAINMENT! Innocent animals were mistreated, brutalized and then viciously killed with Vick participating 'hands on' in these killings. The acts were premeditated and repeated SEVERAL times over an extended period of time.

In both cases it is a fundamental wrong being committed against the innocent. And in both cases the innocent are also the very people whose tax dollars or hard earned income support both the state and the league. As both fans and tax payers we need to take a more active role in monitoring where our money goes and why! It is both our right and responsibility to question and oppose such actions

As we've seen placing a state sales tax on affiliate commissions results in only a negative impact to both individual and state revenue. These bills also stir questions as to their constitutionality. On the surface one would be hard pressed to see any positive effects such bills would have. Questions also arise as to why a very popular and family oriented sporting league such as the NFL would admit players with such questionable character. If there's any positive to be gained by letting Michael Vick back into the league it is only short lived. The detrimental effects will be longer lasting by the precedent being set thereby allowing a potential flood of undesirables to play in the league and serve as role models to the next generation.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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