Heather Picken, the "Spirit Trainer" radio show host and
best selling author interviewed special guest Mary Rivas,
founder of Unlimited Inner Power.

In this 30 minute interview, Mary talked about very
effective and powerful ways to connect with Spirit and how
to access our deepest inner power. Discover…

> Key principles of shamanism
> Different practices for connecting with Spirit and the
highest force within us
> The power of thoughts, emotions and creating reality
> Links to the spiritual realm: alpha, theta and delta
> Asking for guidance during altered states of consciousness
> How to empower affirmations using shamanic principles

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Mary teaches people basic ancient shamanic techniques, tools
and wisdom combined with modern scientific understandings
of the powers of the mind.

How We Lose Our Personal Power

We were all born with a vast amount of energy that, if not
depleted, can absolutely be used to create amazing changes
in our lives and help us live truly extraordinary lives.

The problem is as time goes by, we start to lose our
personal power. We lose our inner power over time not
because our body ages but because we simply haven’t been
taught how to build and conserve our inner resources. In
fact, we’ve been taught to give our power away.

We lose huge amounts of energy when we allow ourselves to be
drained from ordinary daily living. We get weighed down by
heavy emotions such as sadness, worry, anxiety, and self-
doubts —emotions that deplete our vital energy.

How often has someone or an event drained you of energy?
When our energy becomes depleted, we simply don’t have
enough strength to take charge of our lives. Drained of
energy, we stay in the same old rut day after day.

Ancient wisdom teaches that to achieve extraordinary results
in life we must build up our energy. A huge way to do so is
by being impeccable with our thoughts. Our thoughts and
beliefs have incredible power—they can empower us or drain
us of vital energy.

It’s a simple formula.

Thoughts lead to emotions, emotions lead to actions (or lack
of actions), which lead to results.

What holds us back is what we’ve learned growing up. We
never learned to question beliefs that we acquired growing
up. We just accepted them. How many times were you told
that “life is hard” or that “it’s not possible” or that “you
don’t have what it takes” and on and on. Our limited views
of the world and ourselves came mostly from those close to
us such as our parents, family members and friends but also
from society.

Most of the time, we’re not even aware of how we give our
power away day-to-day through our thoughts and interactions
with people. Unless you’ve really done your homework,
chances are you’re holding limiting and false beliefs about
yourself that are keeping you stuck without even knowing it.

The mind is only limited by what it can imagine, by what we
believe to be true. It bases its ideas of the future on past
events—events which don’t need to control you. Yes, you can
let go of old limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve

Now more than ever we need to connect with Spirit. To learn
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have greater access to the void, to the creative source of all.

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