A pot of beautiful, blooming tea, a relaxing moment and time away from the stresses of the day, a comfortable place to sit and observe the simple beauties unfolding before you, everyone needs such a moment in every day of our lives.

“Impossible!” you say? “How can I possibly make a habit of taking time each day away from my responsibilities for mindless luxuries?!”

I say in response, “How can you not?”

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing all this for? What is it going to get me?”

If you haven’t, perhaps you should. Take a moment now to review your day up to this moment. Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Have I taken time to consciously breathe? Deep breathing restores clarity of mind and focus. It also helps energize our bodies through oxygen’s role in metabolism and numerous biochemical processes.

2. What is my state of mind now? Am I overwhelmed, bored and even a bit sleepy, depressed, uptight? All these issues can be addressed through a few simple breathing exercises as well as taking a moment to consciously become aware of your surroundings.

3. Am I productive or have I accomplished anything today? If so, perhaps you deserve a reward. If not, perhaps you need a moment to recharge, focus and even touch on inspiration.

Sometimes giving to our self is a difficult task. Yet when we care for ourselves, we become more “useful” to others in our lives as well as more useful to our self.

When taking this moment to generate “mindfulness,” it is even more valuable.
By renewing our energy, improving our focus, connecting with our source of inspiration, we are better prepared to progress through our lives and achieve our goals. Meditation has been a valuable vehicle for achieving this connection with our “source.” However, not everyone is adept at it.

This is where mindfulness exercises can help. By taking a moment each day to become aware of our surroundings and appreciate them, we begin to reach this source of renewal. What better than the habit of a cup of tea, especially when the process of brewing is an unfolding of beauty in and of itself?!

Tea flowers are made from green or white tea leaves sewn by hand into a small ball surrounding different flowers, each with a distinct and beautiful effect. When brewed, the flowers bloom and enhance the benefits of drinking tea while providing aroma that is therapeutic. Each variety of flower has its own special benefits that include many antioxidant qualities as do the tea leaves themselves.

Anxiety, stress, fear, productivity, pain, both physical and mental, self-esteem, confidence, weight reduction, overall balance in life and wellness are all issues that can be addressed through the simple habit of taking a moment to center, breathe and appreciate our surroundings. Sometimes the beauty seems hidden or perhaps even non-existent, but with a moment to connect and create that beauty through the simple act of brewing flowering tea.

In today’s hustle, bustle world, where each day we must deal with a damaged economy and violence whether in the media, on the street or at home, stress has become a major factor in our deteriorating health.

Stress reduction is important due to the damaging effects it has on our bodies. Stress causes the inappropriate release of adrenaline which in turn causes the heart to beat faster and harder, shunts blood to certain organs and muscles at the expense of other organs, and changes hormones, specifically cortisol, a hormone that is important in fat, sugar and protein metabolism.

Stress reduction practice can help combat the damage by teaching people mindful living. Http://ATeaFlowerMoment.com is a website that teaches mindfulness exercises, giving helpful daily tips on mindful living and encouraging the healthy daily habit of enjoying the beauty of blooming tea in a peaceful environment. For members of A Tea Flower Moment Club, each month a gift of tea balls, a different variety each month, is shipped thus supporting the establishment of a daily moment for mindfullness.

In addition to offering membership in A Tea Flower Moment Club, unique products and gifts are available as well. Items include glass teapots and soon, YiXing teapots, tetsubin or cast iron teapots, and blown-glass hummingbird feeders and ornaments for creating that special mindful place.

A Tea Flower Moment teaches how to take full advantage of a moment to teach ourselves mindfullness. Visit http://www.ATeaFlowerMoment.com to start the process.

Author's Bio: 

A single parent who has raised three children on her own, Robin Eschler has been a marketing professional working as an employee and independent contractor. She has also been a life-long student of healing, personal growth and spirituality.

Having successfully launched products internationally and established market presence for corporations and small businesses, and having worked in nonprofit for close to 12 years, her goal has been to establish prosperity, in all contexts, not only for herself but for others. She has worked with various disadvantaged populations to improve their lives and opportunities. Her current goal is to help people of all backgrounds experience a better life and future.