It is easy whilst working in an office or a similar environment, to get "stuck in a rut" and generally once stuck it is very hard to get out. You and your superiors become accustomed to perceiving you in a certain manner and your opinions and ideas may start to count for less. Here is a quick list of tips to get ahead and break this cycle:

Be self confident.

Before anyone believes in you you must believe in yourself. If you are unsure of yourself you will find it very hard indeed to put forward a convincing argument or to sell an idea.

Be assertive.

Don't wait for opportunities to come your way, go out there and make them happen. People will respect you more not less for having the courage to go after what you want. Assertiveness is welcomed in a working environment and is often even encouraged. If this does not come naturally go on an assertiveness training course.

Take the initiative.

Employers and Managers are looking for a willingness to work and the confidence to take initiative, giving you the chance to show off what you can do and make a mark on a project. Taking initiative saves time and is highly impressive if done correctly, pull it off and you'll soon be making a name for yourself.

Have an edge over others.

This could come in many forms and it is up to you how you try to achieve this. What you are looking for is something that will separate you from the rest, something that will impress your superiors. It can be something as simple as being the most reliable, being dependable is a highly sought after. It could be that you know the most about the project, but what ever it is it will not come easily, otherwise others would do it to, however you'd be surprised how far a little hard work will go.

Take an active interest.

In board meetings or when discussing a project don't sit silent, involve yourself in the discussion don't be afraid to give a bad opinion as this might spark another train of thought in others, which is also appreciated. If you have an idea outside of a meeting or discussion, tell the project leader. It is not about coming up with some incredible, mind blowing idea, it is about people getting used to hearing your voice and opinions and that you are in the loop.

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