Becoming a power seller on eBay is one of the best things you can do for your business because it greatly increases your chances of sales and your overall success using the auction model. These are the top sellers using eBay. Of course, to achieve this level of superiority, you need to show that you have what it takes. That is defined in the number of sales you have had.

There are several things to achieve to become an eBay power seller. First, you need to have been with the company for at least 90 days. Second, you need to make at least $1000 in sales over a three-month period. More so, your feedback is important. Your overall feedback should be at 100 while you can have 98 percent or more that is positive. Finally, you have to be in good financial standing with eBay. Once you have accomplished this, you will find some clear advantages to your position as a power seller.

First, the name given to this group, power sellers, is ideal and very clear. It is easy to see as a new consumer to the marketplace that a power seller is a good one to do business with. This translates into higher sales.

There are many additional benefits of being a power seller including:

1. You have reduced fees by as much as 20 percent.
2. People see your listings more often since you get increased visibility to the Best Match type of searched done at the site.
3. You also get unpaid item protection. If a buyer does not pay for an item, the seller receives a credit.
4. In addition, a UPS Savings Program can reduce some of your costs as much as 23 percent.
5. Learn what is in demand by having access to eBay In Demand.

As you can see just from a look at some of the benefits of being an eBay power seller, it is well worth the goal of attaining this rank. For many, it helps them to move from selling a few items here and there to truly being profitable at the site.

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