Today, technical writers or technical authors are quite much in demand. These professionals are responsible for prepare documents and user manuals for a wide range of services and products. The user manuals can be about car maintenance, online computer software manuals or documents with instructions for large businesses. While working as a technical author, you would work in close contact with professionals like marketing professionals, product manufacturers and developers, graphics designers, technical experts, illustrators and artists among others.

Typically, the job responsibilities of a technical author includes –

Preparing new documents
Rewriting or modifying existing documents
Sourcing relevant information about products and services
Presenting the information in an easily understandable and simplest way

Very often, the information these writers need to source and produce and very complex. While preparing documents, strong technical knowledge is required. A lot of research and rewriting goes into the development and presentation of product and services information.

Educational Qualification
No specific qualification is required for becoming a technical writer. However, authors need to have an in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry they write for. Qualifications in fields like engineering, science, computing and journalism play an important role in being successful in this technical writing profession. You are ready to enter this technical writing field if you have the ability to research, understand complex information and then present in a way which users can easily understand. Many work in this field after getting on-the-job training. There are various technical communication and writing courses available as well.

Short term communication courses in technical communication are available both part time and through distance mode programs. You can find a number of universities, colleges and private institutions that offer training in technical writing.

Other Skills Required
Besides being trained in technical communication, you also need to possess some other essential skills to become a technical author. Some of these skills include concise writing skills, excellent research skills, strong analytical skills, methodical approach, accuracy, IT skills, attention to detail and team playing skills among others.

Career Prospects & Employment Opportunities
There are abundant employment opportunities available for technical authors. You can land jobs at publication departments, engineering companies, computer software firms, computer hardware companies, automotive manufactures, aviation manufacturers, technical publishing companies, civil service etc. You can also start working on a freelance basis. Working as a freelancer, you would have the flexibility to work from home.

Annual Salary
Starting salary for technical authors is around £18,000 annually. Those who have extensive writing experience under the belt can earn an annual salary up to £40,000.

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