Self awareness is the first step in becoming aware of your own psychic ability. This however means so much more than just acknowledging that you exist, or that 'it' exists. The first step then is to become aware, to notice 'on purpose' what things you already are feeling and sensing.

To become aware of the unfamiliar, the 'unseen', we must first become aware, or concious, of the familiar. This process then enables us to realize that awareness on a deeper level is indeed possible.

So lets begin with a common circumstance. As you awake and begin your day, instead of being on autopilot as so many of us normally are, take a few moments of quiet time as you sip your morning beverage. Without the television, radio, or computer going, play a game with yourself as if what you're doing at that moment, is something completely new to you. Experience each sip as if it were your first. Take your time with it, describe it to yourself. What does it feel like? What are the flavors? What are the thoughts that come into your mind about it? Is it pleasurable, bland, not so much to your liking... allow yourself to be detailed. Then, become aware of what else is going on around you. What room are you in? What is in that room? What are the colors, the textures, what feelings do they evoke in you? Are you near a window? What is it like outside the glass? Be aware of everything as if you were experiencing it for the first time. Continue this mindset as you leave your home for the day or as you move into your home office space. The words "be aware" will be your guides for the day. It is likely that you will forget to do this as you become focused on other things. Placing those words, "Be Aware" in a place where you can see them to remind you, will help. In time you won't need reminders.

What I'd like you to notice after a day spent in awareness, is that all of those things occurred first in your mind, were experienced in your mind & senses, and were then manifested in your actions and total experience. Yep you got it sunshine, in your thoughts first, then in your tangible world. Even if you were totally unaware of all the things you had experienced in your day previously, nothing happened without those things being a thought first, action second; not a single one.

Congratulations you've just learned how to use your psychic senses. Everything you did, felt, touched, tasted, wore, smelled, gave you information, messages, told you a story about what it was or is, what it does now, and what's next. In becoming aware of what is already true in your own life and environment, you can hopefully now see that its possible to gather lots more information from being aware, than being on autopilot.

So now lets take it to the next step. Something important to remember at this stage is that its important to give yourself some slack. Confidence in your psychic ability comes with use. Being afraid to try will simply shut off the switch and you'll be back on autopilot again. Just keep telling yourself you're getting good at this super-power stuff.:) The more you use it, i.e. remind yourself to be aware of it, the more manifestation you will see in the tangible world of its existence and this in turn, will give you the confidence to keep doing so.

The next thing you're going to try is to become aware of the future. Now lets not get all crazy just yet. We're not talking about finding out what 2012 is REALLY all about here. We're going to just deal with two days ahead instead. We'll make like Nostradamus later.

When you have some quiet time to yourself, allow the thoughts in your mind to process and drift away. This should only take a couple of minutes. When you feel your mind is quiet, write down the date it will be 2 days from right now. Remaining relaxed, think about that date as if it were the present. Describe your day or a part of your day, the morning, the afternoon, or evening. Example: Ask yourself "what is true about this afternoon?" Let your mind wander, do not second guess anything that comes to you. Write down what that day or segment of a day is like. What's happening? What is the weather like? Where are you? Is anyone else there? Are you interacting? What kind of conversation are you having? What is your mood like? How do you feel physically? Are there any scents? Include any and all details that come to you without second guessing. Its important here to realize that you are 'observing' the situation, you are not creating a fantasy story for later. See yourself as the invisible third person watching yet experiecing all that happens. Stop when you feel you are finished.

After you've written that all down, or even typed it as it came to you using your computer, put it away, let it go. On the actual date you wrote down earlier and NOT before, at the end of that day for instance, take a look at what you 'saw' and compare it with the actual day. I bet you'll be surprised at how close those comparisons are. Don't make it too hard or long just yet, but you can continue this mode of awareness as often as you like.

Remember the key words "Be Aware" and the question "What is true about...?" Using them often will have you honing your psychic skills all over the place and your closest friends won't even know you're doing it right in front of them.

But they will begin to notice a certain 'glow' about you. That's right, being psychically aware really is very attractive.;)

Author's Bio: 

Resmyrranda has been a professional psychic reader since 1995, and professionally online since 1999 with clients from all over the world and every lifestyle. She was born in Texas, grew up in Los Angeles and has travelled extensively in the US and the UK.

She continues with psychic development studies including The Jose Silva Ultramind ESP and Remote Viewing courses. She is certified in Life Coaching from Advance Life Coaching Institute. She also holds ministerial and doctorate credentials with the Church of Seven Planes and The Universal Life Church.

Resmyrranda is a Capricorn who enjoys producing her own podcast called Get Resmerized, movies, writing, paranormal phenomena and quantum physics theories.