Over the course of the past few months and years you have found your belly fat becoming more and more. You never intended for it to happen but now when you look in the mirror you are more than a little disappointed at all the fat you have accumulated. You are feeling a little self-conscious about it all and can't understand how it got so bad whilst the playful comments about your gut are really starting to hurt.

Regardless of how you made your way to this article rest assured you are in the correct place. Here you are going to be given a short crash course in 'How to burn belly fat. The three main things that you ought to consider are: diet, exercise and lifestyle. Let's take a look at each one more closely and shed some light on what you should be doing in each area in order to burn your belly fat fast!

1) Exercise. If you really want to know how to burn belly fat fast then there is no getting away from it. Exercising is by some margin the number thing to get stuck into. The two main reasons for this are that:

a) As you exercise you are burning off calories that otherwise may be stored as fat or your body is taking stored calories (fat tissue) and using them as a supply of energy.
b) Exercising ramps up the speed of your metabolism and so. understanding the science is not important but what is is being clear that your body will continue to burn calories ave when you have finished exercising!

What exercises should you do?

The two best things are interval training (HIIT) and weight training. An example (HIIT) training session would be one performed on a treadmill: jog at 40% effort for 3 minutes (warm-up) then run hard at 90% effort for 2 minutes then jog at 60% effort for 1 minute, follow this again with 1 minute at 60% effort. Repeat this cycle for as many times as you can within a twenty minute period. These workouts are highly intense, burn lots of calories and are the perfect way to burn belly fat.

Lifting weights generally brings you larger and stronger muscles. Muscle mass requires more energy to support it than fat tissue so the more you have the more calories you will burn off, even at rest! Use the following exercises: squats, dead lifts, bench-press, shoulder press, pull-ups and rows. Do upm to threes sets of each exercise of around 10 repetitions whereby the final rep is extremely tough. The chances are you will see fat dropping of you if you do this twice a week plus three interval sessions!

2) Diet. It is better if you don't see yourself as going on a diet as that sounds a though the changes are only temporary! Unless you want your belly back these changes ought to be more or less permanent. Eat smaller meals 4-5 times each day rather than two or three big ones. Don't snack on fast foods instead go for the fruits and vegetable option. Try not too miss breakfast at all costs as this may well slow your metabolism right down.

3) Lifestyle. Don't worry you can still enjoy yourself but lowering your alcohol consumption is perfect for burning off belly fat, as to is including small bouts of exercise in your daily routine, by this I mean walking rather than catching a bus a few of stops and other minor alterations like using the stairs. Don't forget to drink plenty of water, your body needs this for the chemical reactions to burn belly fat. And lastly maintain a positive approach! Your belly won't disappear overnight but with persistent effort, in a few short months your belly can be vastly reduced.

So know you know how to burn belly fat fast, what are you going to do? It is your decision! There is a great programme called 'Strip That Fat' which covers all of the above in much more detail. If you wish to buy Strip That Fat or read a Strip That Fat Review then click the links if not the above tips are more than enough.

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