That title sounds pretty powerful, doesn't it? Well, it is.

The Burning Bowl ceremony is an opportunity to take a look at what might be holding you back from stepping into your greatness, and releasing it back into the universe. If all things are pure energy, then this energy can be released, and recognizing and consciously accepting other energy into your life that will help you grow and learn can be done.

So, what has held you back? Has it been fear? Doubt? Lack of self-respect? Negative thinking? As I've brought up in the past, most of us have 'things' that have held us back for what we can accomplish. Even just a lousy childhood can hold us back, if we allow it. And, it could very well be that these traits have served us in the past, for some reason or another.

But you want to continue to grow and become a bigger person, so now is the opportunity to let it go and give it up. Burn it up and release it with gratitude.

The Burning Bowl Ceremony is a native american tradition, that has been recognized and used by the Unity church for years. I've had the honor and pleasure of experiencing this ceremony several times through my local Unity.

But this time, however, I noticed a step that I had missed in the past. A step that changed how I approached this ceremony, and changed how I released things this time.

For this ceremony, you'll need the following, if you choose to do it.

1. Two pieces of paper
2. pencil
3. Lit fireplace, BBQ, or something else that will safely hold a flame

Ok, here's the steps:

Take some time to quiet your mind and listen to what it is you want to release from your life. It can be something like ~ Worry, regret, victimhood, lack, beliefs surrounding money, jealousy, etc.

Really take some time to discover what you'd like to let go of. It can be different for everyone.

Now here's where I learned something new that made a profound difference in how I handled the ceremony this time.

Don't just write down on paper what is holding you back. I want you to take the time to think about how those things served you, or what you learned from it.

These things and energy came into your life because you needed to learn something from them. You invited them in, manifested them into your life. Recognize how they served you and appreciate that.

For example, for me a big one to let go of was victimhood. As ready as I was to let go of that, I took some time to thing about how being the vitcim served me. I appreciated it, because it did serve me, when I needed it, and I did learn from it.

However, it doesn't serve the person I am anymore. So I released it back to the Universe.

Write all of these down. Take as much quiet time as you need.

Then go to your fire, and drop the paper into it. As it burns up really let go of it. Thank those energies and know you are being washed clean of it. Stay and meditate on it as long as you'd like. It really is a purifying experience.

When done, grab another piece of paper. Again, sit quietly and think about what you would like to manifest into your life this year. Now, I know usually the first thing that comes to mind is material things such as money, a bigger house, a leaner body, etc.

But you know what? You're more powerful of a being than that. Really dig deep. If you're into it, ask your higher power, whatever that may look like to you, and ask to be given those answers.

What would it take from you to create the truly abundant life you are looking for?

Here's a few of what came to me: Creativity, Pure Love, Joy, Abundant thinking.

These are qualities that I believe I am to manifest this year.

I've got big things on my plate that I'm looking to create this year and I do know I'll need all of those to manifest what I'm looking to do.

So write all of those down. Place it in an envelope. Now, you can either give it to a friend or a family member to mail back to you in six months, or just hang on to it. Hang it somewhere, so you can see it through the year. This way you can be reminded that you are looking to bring some amazing qualities into your life.

The final step. Within the following 24 hours of you releasing, I want you to tithe to the organization of your choice. It is important that the flow of energy continue to moves, so find an organization that you love whether it's your church, the humane society, salvation army, whatever, find what feeds your soul and tithe to it. This is hugely important as it's recognition that energy moves through us, as we give, we receive.

And that's it! Simple yet powerful steps to releasing and accepting. I've done this ceremony with friends, and with my four and six year old. My kids LOVE doing this ceremony, even as young as they are.

I invite you to give it a go and enjoy the feeling of acknowledging, appreciating, releasing, and accepting!


Author's Bio: 

Jhanna Dawson is an author of several self development articles on how to lead a more positive life.

She lives in Reno, NV with her two young children.