Are you plagued with negative thoughts that keep bombarding your mind with fear and anxiety? We all face times of stress in our lives and while normal at times, not dealing with stress can lead to feelings of insecurity, panic attacks, insomnia, poor digestion, heart palpitations, and myriad other mental and physical symptoms. Finding ways to deal with our own personal issues often presents a challenge. The following suggestions may help you to manage your stress instead of letting stress control your life. We all long to lead a happy and fulfilling life and the sooner we face the fear, stress and anxiety life deals us, the better and stronger we will feel.

1. Recognize what you are feeling and what or who is causing the stress you are experiencing. Decide if the problem is valid and worthy of the anxiety it is causing you. Ask yourself if there is anything you can do about the problem.

2. Is there something you can learn from the stress you feel? Perhaps there is a decision you need to make regarding an issue in your life that you are avoiding out of fear of making the wrong choice. Sometimes just making that difficult decision will eliminate the stress.

3. At times stress can cause us to grow and step out of our comfort zone. Maybe there is something special just waiting for you to grasp, and out of fear you are holding back. Ask yourself if missing out on what might be a great future by fearing the unknown is better than living in the safety of the familiar.

4. Talking things over with a trusted friend or close family member can often help you see the situation more clearly. When we are living our fear alone in our mind, it sometimes appears larger then it really is, and someone we trust can help us face our fear and get it in proper perspective.

5. We often tend to turn inward and focus on ourself and what feels like lack of control in our life. Try calling someone you love and tell them how important they are to you. They will be so happy and appreciative that you will totally forget for the moment any stress you were feeling in your own life!

6. Try writing down everything you can think of that you are thankful for, even the small things. This exercise may not solve your problem, but it may help to diminish the size of what you fear.

7. I often go for a long walk when I feel overwhelmed by a decision I have to make. Rather than concentrate on my fear, I look around and meditate on all the beauty surrounding me. When I release all of my fear and anxiety to the Universe, I always feel stronger to face my problem and better equipped emotionally!

8, If you have been experiencing fear and anxiety for a period of time, you may want to see your doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition.

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Miller is a writer, speaker and president of Barbara and Company International, Inc. Barbara's new book, "You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life," is due out on approximately September 15, 2009. The author shares her own personal journey through divorce, financial loss and despair. Through "You Lost Your Mariage Not Your Life," Barbara teaches you how to release all self-defeating inner dialog that compromises your life and keeps you paralyzed with fear. Barbara teaches that when healing comes to our thoughts, it comes to our life.