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Any one of us, can do most anything, for ten seconds. Think about it. Can you forgive someone for just ten seconds? Usually we can. Can you hold your tongue for ten seconds, even when you're upset? I'm sure we've all done that. And then after that ten seconds, what happens? We go right back into the angry and vindictive thoughts again. And that's not a bad thing, not at all. Angry and vindictive thoughts are simply reminders of some authentic way we are feeling deep inside, that we haven't yet fully experienced. It's a feeling that we are resisting, for any number of reasons, and it continues on in line with the Universal Law that states "What you resist, persists." Sometimes we resist feeling things for good reasons, maybe to allow ourselves time to sort though our feelings, especially when they're very intense.

Truth is, we do want to fully experience our feelings, even when we resist them, but we often forget that. Grief, for instance, when it is fully and completely experienced, begins to significantly diminish, because the reason we have deep feelings in the first place is to alert us to what's going on inside of us. In the case of grief, we are, over time, allowing in the truth of some great loss. Anger is no different. Once we fully and completely experience that anger, then the initial anger goes away. What replaces that initial anger after that point, is conceptual anger. Not "I'm angry," but "I'm angry, and it's because” of something, anything. And it's not that we're not justified in our anger either, sometimes what we are conceptualizing about was wrong. But that doesn't make us feel any better.

What makes us feel better is to practice the rule of ten seconds. Why feel better? Because it feels better when we do. We are clearer when we feel better, and the real space opens up inside of us that will allow us to truly experience the deep feelings that we have been resisting feeling, so that they can begin to diminish. So there are times when we just have to do this time delay process. Sometimes we need to have a delay mechanism put into action so that we don't feel all of our anger, or grief, all at once, because we feel as if we're going to either kill someone, or die from the pain. We wouldn't do either, not if we truly and simply felt the feelings we have, but we haven't been trained to do that, not at all. The most important point of this process is that we have to work with how we are, not how we'd like to be if . . .only. If only is for dreams, and we're not talking about dreams here, we're talking about our hard wiring, a wiring that can be shifted into a more loving-to-ourselves-and-therefore-loving-to-the-whole-world, wiring, but it takes time. Ten seconds at a time, that is!

One of the most powerful quotes I have ever known that just came to me one day when I was in the middle of a great conceptual upset, mixed with some very real and strong anger, was the following one. If you really, really, think about it, the entire quote's meaning is deep, its implications wide, and the sheer truth of it inescapable. I now live my life out of it, ten seconds at a time:

"Success isn't what comes to you, it's what comes out of you."

Live your life feeling better ten seconds at a time, time and time again, if successful is something you desire to be in your life, so that what comes out of you, is important to you. For instance, when fighting with your partner, the hurtful words that you hold back, ten seconds at a time, is more important an action, then what you actually do say. Because if you did say them, you know how the mind works. Your partner's mind would hook onto the hurtful, and the whole back and forth fight scene would continue on, and on. But it doesn't have to be this way. If for the next ten seconds, you either said something nice, or didn't say something hurtful, then you would in ten seconds, have changed your life for the better. And within this practice is a great amount of satisfaction for having held your tongue for that ten seconds, that is so satisfying, so clean and right and good, that to continue the practice becomes extremely alluring. You will want to do it again, because it felt so good!

So what time will it take to truly shift your energy from what doesn't feel good, over to what does? Ten seconds, you say? And what ten seconds would that be? The next ten seconds. Ten seconds over and over and over and over again. Because the next ten seconds are the only seconds we will ever have to live our lives within. And then, that's it. Over and over and over again, again and again. And there you have it, a better life, completely changed, in only ten seconds!

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