Why should you take up this challenge?

You want to change your life
You know you deserve some more blessings in this life and that God wants more for you as His child
To learn the easiest and most effective way to change your life so you are better able to coach others on how to

NOTE: Do not underestimate the power of this assignment.

FACT: The single fastest and most effective way to change your life is by raising your self worth.

FACT: Your outside circumstances merely reflect how you feel about yourself and what you feel you deserve.

FACT: You can improve your outside circumstances dramatically in a mere 30 days by working to change your neuro linguistic programming (your mind’s belief system) by using the following affirmation system.

What you need: A notebook, pencil and the dedication to stay on track.

How this works: Every morning upon rising or evening before you retire (as often as you can is highly, highly recommended) spend at least five minutes writing the following affirmations: “I approve of myself” “I love myself” or “I respect myself”.

Throughout the day repeat these affirmations in your mind and out loud as often as you can. Aim to repeat your affirmations at least 100 times a day. Why so often? To create lasting change faster.

If you do not feel you can honestly say “I love myself” feel free to state “I chose to love myself”.

According to Louise L. Hay (author: You Can Heal Your Life) using a mirror and looking into your own eyes as you repeat these affirmations is also extremely powerful and will further assist you in changing your self worth, and by extension, your outside world.

Why 30 days?

30 days is significant as new habits are created through consistent daily repetition at approximately 21 days.

Set your book beside your bed, on your breakfast table or wherever you will be starting your “self worth training”.

I also recommend inserting a reminder onto your cell phone or in your appointment book so as to not miss a training day.

Final words: Do not take time- make time. Your life and the people in it deserve it.

Author's Bio: 

-Coach Mackenzie Pearce