If you're single and looking for love, Valentine's Day can be one of the most FEARED days of the year. While everyone else is having candle lit dinners, there you sit watching a sitcom or cruising a dating site. Being single on a day that is dedicated to romance can be more than a little bit depressing, but you shouldn't assume that every Valentines Day will find you single; especially when there are things that you can do to improve your prospects. In many cases, people remain single not because they're undesirable, but because they persist in poor behaviors that make them seem unattractive. If you're looking to improve your chances at love, consider the following relationship advice: I want you to rate yourself on the following two areas and then consider how your actions may play a large role in whether or not you can ATTRACT MEN and CREATE LASTING LOVE.

Your Personal Habits

As much as we like to think of ourselves as being footloose and fancy free, we all have personal habits. The question is: are they good or bad? Concerning romance, our habits reveal how a person can expect us to behave if they date us long term. Thus, there are some habits that should be avoided at all costs, beginning with overspending. In the eyes of a potential spouse, a person who overspends communicates two things: poor credit and mounting debt. While it might seem vacuous to judge people by their spending habits, no one wants a marriage that's saddled with financial debt. A second bad habit to do away with is sloppiness, whether in your home or your appearance. A sloppy appearance is unattractive and a sloppy home is simply a misery. If you don't attempt neatness during the dating phase of a relationship- the phase when most people are breaking their necks to impress their romantic other-what can your partner look forward to once the marriage certificate is filed?

Your Social Habits

If you're like most singles, you often go to nightspots where the music and libations create an air of hot romance. But how do you behave when you're there? One the biggest mistakes that singles make is over drinking when they go to bars. While alcohol might make you sociable, talkative and flirtatious, there's a fine line between being seen as a free spirit and being viewed as an outright drunk, and it's easy to see why. While drinking can be innocently fun, it's also closely associated with three negative occurrences: infidelity, emotional abuse and physical abuse. Although you might be the kindest soul in the world, taking shot after shot will only send the message that you're not the right person. If you regularly attract men who only want one-night stands, your drinking habits might be the reason why.

Bad habits are easy to form and hard to break, and good habits are just the opposite. But forming the right behaviors is essential to romantic success. If you're serious about improving you romantic prospects, doing away with some old habits can work wonders. For more on transforming your social and personal habits, read Chapter 7 in the new paperback version of Love in 90 Days available at www.lovein90days.com/new-dating-book/

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For more on transforming your social and personal habits, read Chapter 7 in the new paperback version of Love in 90 Days available at www.lovein90days.com/new-dating-book/