When composing any blog entries you always want to strive for making the content useful in some way to the readers. Remember that all popular blogs got that way due to the fact that the content was appealing to the people who viewed it. With that said it is always wise to keep the blog reader foremost in your mind when composing any entries.

You need to consider what is of interest or concern to them and how can you address this in your blog posting.

Keeping your readers interest at heart here are 5 'avenues of thought' you can explore to create a post that will intrigue them.

Latest News

Learn to keep your eyes open for any news that is of relevance to your site and therefore may be of interest to readers. Whether you are reporting news or perhaps sharing your insight on it your blog posting should focus on presenting it in a way that will intrigue your visitors.


Since you know what is of interest to the blog reader you can present content that targets teaching them a talent or skill within their field. It can simply be a shortcut you may have discovered or perhaps even a new resource. It can even be a reply to a question left on the site which is all the better.


Humor is like a universal language that can be used with almost everybody and usually is received in a positive manner. The best thing about using humor is it does not need to be relevant to the theme of your site.

Who out there can not benefit from a good laugh?

Product Review

Some of the most popular blogs focus primarily on giving their readers product reviews that are relevant to their areas of interest. Researching and critiquing products or services helps save the readers time and also strengthens their loyalty to your site.

The trust and loyalty you develop here can be very useful for marketing purposes online!


Offering advice on a particular subject is a great way to open up a discussion on your site. Some may have additional information to contribute whereas others may offer constructive criticism on your advice. In either case you are getting readers to become more interactive which is something that everybody benefits from and enjoys. Remember that blogs are socially oriented and that is the root of their popularity with readers.

The blog entries you compose should always target the interest of your readers since it is their loyalty that can create popular blogs. Although the blog reader will not always indicate their preferences it is up to you to consider what it is that is of interest to them. The 5 suggestions discussed above are likely areas that readers would find appealing and directions you can pursue when considering topics for your blog posting.

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