As entrepreneurs, our strengths can become our greatest weaknesses. By nature we are fast paced, highly creative risk takers. But when it comes to building a team, it’s like forcing us to take a nap at 10:00am. It’s just not our natural way of doing things.

The most important aspect of managing people (or in the virtual team model, their deliverables) is learning to delegate well.

In my work, I’ve seen hundreds of people buy into the “myths of delegation”:

Myth #1 – “No one can do the job as well as I can.”
Myth #2 – “If I want it done on time, I have to do it myself.”
Myth #3 – “It’s too hard to teach someone else what to do.”
Myth #4 – “It’s just more work and more expense for me in the end.”
Myth #5 – “It’s too hard to communicate what I want.”
Myth #6 – “It takes money out of my profits.”
Myth #7 – “It’s too hard to keep track.”
Myth #8 – “I’ll lose control.”
Myth #9 – “I can’t trust anyone else.”

All these myths are exactly that…myths. Once you see the value of delegating, you’ll work hard to eliminate these misconceptions from your thoughts.

Remember, most people fail at delegation for one of three reasons: 1) they didn’t understand the personality of those they are delegating to, 2) they don’t know how to motivate, 3) they didn’t have a system of delegation.

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