"Honesty and truth create power and strength. Without the action of honest behavior, good will and positive outcomes are defeated."

True power does not come from us alone, but is a relationship with all of existence. All of creation contains our strength, power and wisdom.

The world will come to our aid if we have the right motive and purpose. The world will aid us if we ask, but we must act with honesty for the world to know how to help us.

If we are not honest, we confuse our body, our mind and others who might be helpful. By not acting with honesty, we misdirect the effect of good intention; we misdirect the world. The world is designed to cooperate with our wishes, as long as those wishes are an accurate reflection of who we really are.

When we act with truth and honesty, others see our truth and cooperate---this is a natural human inclination... to cooperate with truth and honesty. With good will and earnest intent, our power and strength have no limit.

How Do We Acquire Power and Strength?

1. Know the Power of Honesty!
2. Know You Are Not Alone!
3. Surrender to Weakness!
4. Examine Your Motives!
5. Ask for what You Want!

The Power of Honesty

Honesty and truth are not about harsh outcomes and blind obedience. Honesty and truth are the feeling of balance that comes from being and acting as who we really are.

Truth is not an extreme position that rules out possibilities; truth is inclusive and understanding. Truth is yielding and does not harm.

Be truthful, yielding and accepting of who you are. Do not fight your source, and the best will emerge. Cooperate with life; accept what you have done, good and bad. Love will emerge, and confusion will end.

Practice self-acceptance. No one is bad, just confused. Accept yourself. Love will rise; you will know the truth. Accept all outcomes; accept your behavior and everything you have done. You will know who you are; power will emerge.

Practice honesty and truth. Love will rise; understanding will come. Power and strength will be yours.

Know that You Are Not Alone

An important part to gaining power and personal strength is understanding we are not alone. The idea that we are alone in the world and without help diminishes strength.

Unlimited strength and personal power come from an awareness that we live in cooperation with life, that life knows of our needs and will fulfill them if we ask and persevere. With this awareness, all of life assists us and becomes our strength.

We were not created separate and apart from the world in which we live. Life is all one body of that contains our being. The entire body of life is designed to cooperate in good will with the wishes and needs of every person, but we must be aware of our self and aware of the world. We must know and understand the nature of life. This awareness brings love, understanding and benevolence to every person and every event.

We are not alone. Be aware we are the body of life in a world designed to serve us. Love is our soul. Love life and knowledge will emerge. Power and personal strength will come.

Surrender to Weakness

By surrendering to weakness, we find our strength. Resisting weakness, we diminish our strength. The weak person fights; the strong person surrenders to a greater power. This is how power is acquired.

Weakness and pain direct us to our greater strength. Through our weakness, we find power. Examine weakness with gentle understanding. Look at weakness from your strength. In weakness and need, there is strength. In pain, there is knowledge and power waiting.

Weakness shows the way to strength. Look through and past the weakness you imagine. Strength is there. Power is waiting

Examine Your Motives

Examine your motives; why are you doing what you're doing? This is the way to power and strength.

We will never have power and strength if we are not in control of our actions and behavior. The easiest way to gain control of ourselves and our lives is to ask ourselves why we choose to do what we do? Is our behavior a constant reaction to problems or do we focus on calm and peace?

Is what we do an honest expression of who we are? Is our behavior pure and true to our self. Is our behavior an accurate depiction of who we are? Or are we simply reacting to life and events happening around us?

Reacting to the harmful behavior of others, toward us, is the easiest way to lose control of our life, to lose our power and strength.

An effective way to control our behavior and diminish bad reactions to others is to ask ourselves why others behave badly? Why do people acting badly act the way they do? Understanding and forgiving bad behavior from others is a difficult endeavor.

When we react to harmful behavior, we become the harm that hurts us. To stop this reaction, we may need to be understanding. We may need to forgive the unforgivable at times.

There is always a reason why people do what they do, and we are never that reason. The reason for bad behavior never includes us. Knowing this, we are able to step aside the harm by asking the question of "why"? Why do people behave badly?

Why do people hurt each other? There is one reason: Harmful behavior is moved by fear, the fear of not surviving... of not having what is needed to live.

We all harm ourselves and others, so keep this in mind when you blame someone for hurting you. Competing for survival, at the expense of others, is part of human nature. Forgive it, and it will vanish from the world. Forgive it, and its action will not affect you.

Forgiveness is the secret to power and strength.

Harm and bad behavior are a part of life; they destroy us and take our power if we react. The only way to get our power back is to forgive and not react, to not return harm for harm, to not harm ourselves or others.

Harmful behavior has no intelligence. It never acts with personal intent. Harm is always a misguided reaction, a misguided attempt to acquire a need... safety, sustenance and survival.

We can be understanding of harm. We can understand behavior that is blind and not intelligent. We can forgive, move on with our lives and take back our personal power.

When our motives are selfish and not considerate of others, we limit our power and strength. We make ourselves weak. Our greatest strength comes when we ask ourselves how we can help another person.

If we seek to understand a person's harmful behavior and not react to them; we are likely to be more effective... in our own lives and others.

When we react badly to another person, we lose our power. When we understand that bad behavior comes from the fear of not being able to survive, we can be understanding. We can forgive.

Resentment, hate and anger take our power; forgiveness and understanding build strength.

Ask for what You Want

"Asking for what you want sets the world in motion---existence then provides what is needed."

We rarely get what we want through selfish behavior. Yes, with our "will" alone, much can be accomplished. Much good or bad can be done by simply using "will power." But we all have a greater power we can use, the power of cooperation.

It is simple: "How can we cooperate with life and people in a way that benefits us all"? Asking this question, again and again, will give us answers and results. It only takes one idea, acted upon, to forever change the world.

Having power and strength depends on leaving selfish motives and thinking of a greater good, a greater world and a better existence. We can have anything we want if our purpose is pure and honest.

We can have anything we want if our desire comes from solid and benevolent purpose. We can give and receive without limit, if our actions benefit ourselves, the world and others.

The secret to power and strength is giving with authenticity and love. Perfect love is the platform from which all true giving arises. Is your love true and authentic; are your motives for giving honest and without selfish intent? What are you motives? You get what you give. Is the presence of love your platform for action?

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Author's Bio: 

John is the author of the books, “Lessons in Love” and ”Immortal Now,” creator and founder of “The Immortality Process.” John’s life mission is building mass awareness of our ability to live an immortal human life.

John has worked on “The Immortality Process” more than 40 years: It is his goal, mission and life desire. By a process of contemplation, education and intent, John has pursued this human possibility with singular focus.

John’s education includes a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Family Relations. A Sixth Generation Wu Dang Gate Qi Gong Master, John has studied over 14 years with a renowned Qi Gong Grandmaster and Traditional Chinese Physician from Beijing, China.

Today John writes, speaks and teaches about positive life change and our natural ability to live a healthy, happy and immortal human life.

For more of John's writing, see: www.TheLessonsInLove.com, www.ImmortalNow.com & www.EnglishInManila.com