The ways to a happy present are the qualities of your happy future self. Work that one out and your life will change wonderfully. You will instantly see that you are actually creating your future right now, today. The happy future of which you dream is rooted in the joy and confidence you feel at this moment. You really do create your reality, thought by thought; feeling by feeling; belief by belief and dream by focussed dream.

You can choose to create your happy future with conscious intention: where you are creative, powerful, worthy and filled with love/joy. So just how do you create happiness with conscious intent? This is an excellent question and is now the focus of our study.

Outlined below is a seven step future-happiness plan of being-feeling, rooted in the Now, of course, for the present moment is all we have to work with. Here goes:

1. DECIDE to feel happy right now. You are in charge of your life. Decide what kind of life you want to experience. EXPECT to live a happy, fulfilling and generous life.

2. FEEL happiness coursing through your whole being. Take a few deep breaths, releasing your stress with each out-breath. Get in touch with your feelings. Allow a few minutes for your focus and awareness to hone in on happy, joyous feelings. Smiling helps.

3. Become the observer of your feelings. Reflect on and assess how happy and joyful you are feeling at this moment. On a scale of one to ten, where one is neutral and ten is fantastic, rate your happiness feelings.

4. Ramp up and intensify your feelings of happiness and joy tenfold. How? Think of some moments in the past when you felt on top of the world or joyful simply by being present in the moment. Be creative in your searching.

Here are some random examples: the birth of your child; surrendering softly to the embrace of your lover; gazing in awe as the sun rises over the horizon; with eyes closed, feeling the breeze caressing your face and blowing through your hair as you skim across the water in a boat; snuggling up close to someone you love in front of the fire on a cold night. Are you getting the idea? Find your own key moments. Please do not hurry this exercise. Gather up delightful feelings you have enjoyed and bathe in them.

5. Now re-assess your happy-feeling level mentioned in 3.

6. Add some laughter just for the fun of it. This will raise your vibration instantly.

7. Repeat from 1. daily. Whenever you remember that you are creating your future in this moment, decide it will be a fantastic future.

These simple steps will invariably lay the foundations for your happy, joyful future. We will toss in a dose of love as well, for good measure and to make your cup overflow.

The purpose of this exercise is to retrain your sub-conscious mind, from which you powerfully create your experience, to recognize what it feels like when you say you want to be happy, feel joy and immerse in love. You create from your base of being and feeling; from that base all your creative thoughts, actions and outcomes will flow automatically.

This is what authentic, creative living is all about: getting in touch with happiness at the deepest level of your being. At the level of your human awareness, you need to recall and refresh your memory of this state of eternal joy. Indeed, the ways to a happy present are the qualities of your happy future self; and the ways to a happy future, are the feelings of joy you create in every present moment. Have a wonderful, happy and joy-filled sequence of moments right now.

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Marie C. Barrett, is an author, teacher and holistic spiritual life coach. For your personal coaching to wipe out negative emotions and discover real joy and healing, go to and see Marie's blog at