Mind-set, a word that is well known by all who are going after and achieving their dreams and goals,is by far one of the most important keys to success.

Webster defines the term as a 'fixed mental attitude formed by experience, education, and the prejudices acquired over the years.'

The right mind-set is needed for any accomplishment,no matter how lowly,grand, or lofty it may be.
As we fix our minds on our goals and take the necessary daily actions to reach those goals,we become successful again and again, and then we too will leave (success)clues for others to follow.

How do we develop the mind-set that destroys negative self-talk, charges through obstacles,and kicks procrastination and fear to the side?
The following action steps,performed daily, will answer this question for many of us:

1. Choose: We must choose our words carefully so that in our self-talk or in conversations with others,our words are positive and empowering.

2. Affirm: Find, or create appropriate affirmations to strengthen the mind.Our conscious and sub-conscious mind especially play key roles in our developing the right mind-set that leads to success
Make sure the affirmations are clear; they must also be written and spoken in the "present tense" for the best results.

3. Listen: to CD's MP3's and other material that bolsters positive minds.
Books on tape,or Kindle,appropriate teleseminars or tele-conferences,etc.,are all invaluable in helping us to create and maintain a winning mind-set.

4. Challenge:The mind needs to be challenged in positive ways regularly so that it can continue to grow and stretch.
So many things exist to challenge our minds.I enjoy solving cross word puzzles and creating them to stretch my mind.What mental activities or exercises do you enjoy doing? Do them often to expand and strengthen your mind.

5. Purge: At the end of each day, it is so important for us to purge or remove from our minds all of the day's "dregs," those worthless,useless things that creep into our minds during the course of the day, but have no real value.
This can be done in a number of ways:Reading the Bible,and books on self-growth,personal development,or spirituality,Journaling about the day's twists and turns,Listening to great music(however that is defined by you),or Praying/Meditating,are just a few effective ways for us to purge or debrief at day's end.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,it can achieve,"is a very popular quote by Napolean Hill,one of the prominent masters in personal development and self-growth.His statement is soberingly true.We owe it to ourselves to make sure our minds are nurtured properly and daily so that they can continue to envision and accomplish for us all that we can dream hope or imagine.

A winning mind-set is powerful! With it we have all that is needed to reach our most grand and lofty goals.

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Barbara Henry is a former high school English teacher,a published author and avid reader of books on self-growth,personal development,and spirituality,which are the subjects of her book:'Journaling,Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now', her blogs,articles,and poems.
An expert in personal development,Barbara has been journaling daily since June of 1995,and because she has gained considerable knowledge about overcoming the challenges of life through the journaling process,she describes herself as "The Journaling Lady".
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