Does learning how to speed read really have to be a painful process? There's got to be a better way to increase your reading speed rather than buying expensive speed reading courses and spending endless hours studying and practicing speed reading techniques.

Well, you can now double your reading speed instantly and it won't cost you one thin dime.

I realize this statement may sound like a bunch of hype but I can assure you that in just a few minutes you'll see how easy it is to improve your reading speed for good in less than 60 seconds. All you'll need to do is slightly adjust the way in which you've been taught to read all your life. Let me explain...

We've all been taught to read in a unidirectional patter. We've been taught to read every line of text in only a single direction; from left to right. When one line of text is read we must drag our eye back across the page, from the right to left to begin reading the next line and so on.

But what if we were able to read in a zigzag pattern? What if instead of having to drag our eye back across a page to begin reading the next line, we were able to read every other line of text backwards?

Obviously, reading every other line of text backwards is very confusing and most people are incapable of doing it efficiently. And, the longer a line of text the more useless backwards reading becomes. If only there were a way in which the eye could read down the page in a zigzag pattern that actually made sense.

Well I have some great news for you. A recently introduced publishing model now formats every other line of text backwards and does so in such a way that reading every other line of text from right to left now makes as much sense as reading from left to right. Under this revolutionary publishing model, anyone can now read in a zigzag pattern with zero confusion and zero loss of reading comprehension.

I can tell you this, you will be absolutely amazed at how much faster you'll be able to read when your eye can travel down a page in both directions.

This publishing model has been developed in response to the need for improved speed reading techniques. The internet has brought upon us such a colossal tidal wave of reading material that a better, faster way to absorb all that material is required.

Even today, as we speak, Google is on the process of scanning millions of books in order to make them available online under a project they've named "Google Editions". With so much available reading material now at your disposal, isn't it time for a more efficient means of getting through all of it?

If you've got the desire to absorb your reading material more quickly and do so without the need for a speed reading course, speed reading exercises or speed reading tips then this new model is your answer. Best of all, you'll realize improved reading speed instantly and at a cost of zero dollars.

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Go now and check out this amazing speed reading technique for yourself. It's inventor and creator, Dan Herzner has formatted his entire book using this publishing format. Down load the book free at APlumInTheSyrup dot com.