I imagine that everybody knows how important are the social bookmarking sites for the Internet world today, especially for the Internet marketers. It is a very fast and sure way of making known their activity and gaining visitors to their sites, and, what is more important, for free.

How to drive instant traffic to your website with social bookmarking? There are a lot of programs and sites which connect you with hundreds of social bookmarking sites and I do not intend to count them here now. However, all of them have something in common, of course, without mentioning the fact that they connect you with bookmarking sites. All of them offers you a widget to install it on your website or blog, not on your browser. There are few, like StumbleUpon, which offer you a toolbar, or a widget which you can instal on your browser, but they are offering this service only for themselves as social bookmarking sites, not for collective bookmarking.

How to drive instant traffic to your website with social bookmarking? I want to tell you about a plug-in which allow you to bookmark any web page you like at a lot of bookmarking sites, not only your website or blog. It is a free plug-in and belong to Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox browser is also free to download, and it comes with a bunch of plug-in, most of them excellent. One of them is the plug-in I told you, it is called Shareaholic, and once you gave downloaded and installed the Firefox browser, you can install this plug-in with a click of the mouse. It will appear only a small widget on your Firefox toolbar, and when you click on it, a list is opening, containing a lot of social bookmarking sites. You have a option to manage your list, you can add or remove which sites you want from the existent ones, and if there is a special site that you want and is not on the list, you may contact the support team via email and they will add it for you.

How to drive instant traffic to your website with social bookmarking? Once you installed it, you may start bookmarking whatever you want. Only the first time it will take you some time, because most of these bookmarking sites require to sign up with them before you start sharing bookmarks on their sites, and you must give them an user name and a password, and, in some cases, you must confirm the subscription. But, after the first submission at every site, the next ones are matter of seconds. You don't have to bother memorizing user names and passwords, Firefox does this for you, even if you don't ask it. Once you have signed up with a site, he stocks the user name and the password in his memory and when you come back at that site, he takes care of everything.

How to drive instant traffic to your website with social bookmarking? This little widget called Shareaholic, free for everyone to use, brought me six thousands visitors to a brand new blog in just ten days, only by sharing the blog posts to social bookmarking sites. If you want to know more about how to drive instant traffic to your website with social bookmarking and with other free methods, visit my site.

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