With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many people want to welcome love into their lives.

The Today Show, Weekend edition, recently invited me to appear live on the air to share some important tips with viewers about how they can Feng Shui their love lives. As I've mentioned on these pages previously, the three most important areas of the home are:

- the entrance
- the kitchen
- the bedroom

These areas significantly impact every area of life, including relationships. The entrance affects what opportunities come to you in life. The kitchen represents your career, as well as how you're viewed by others, and the bedroom is the closest to a person's energy, impacting all our relationships, including romantic relationships.

The rest of the show focused on the bedroom, and how people can invite more stability, equality and positive energy into their love relationships.

Relationship Corner

When you enter the bedroom - or any room of the house -- the back right corner is considered the relationship corner. What you place in this spot represents your relationships. For instance, if you have exercise equipment there, your relationship might be a workout, or hard work. It's never a good idea to keep exercise equipment in the bedroom, anyway, because of the restless energy it produces.

Some recommendations of items to place in the relationship corner include:

- Photos of you and your significant other during happy times
- Plants
- Lights
- Small symbols of love
- A set of candle holders

It's also important not to clutter the area with a lot of objects. Anything placed in this important corner should have significance and bring you joy when you look at it.

Bedroom Furniture

When you furnish your bedroom, strive for symmetry. For example, it's best to have two matching nightstands, with matching table lamps on each side. These factors bring equality to the relationship.

You should position the bed in the command position of the room, with space to walk around it on both sides.

The ideal bed for a couple is a Queen size bed. A King size bed has two box springs, which can divide a couple's energy. Additionally, it's said that if you sleep in a King size bed, the next step is to sleep alone. The perfect bed will have a solid headboard. It can be made from wood or fabric, but it should be solid, one piece, and be firmly attached to the bed. I talk more about finding a bed that will strengthen your relationship in this post.

We wrapped up our interview with a quick discussion of the best colors in a bedroom. I pointed out that the best colors for a bedroom are pink and peach. A tip for the ladies? If you'd like to find a wealthy partner, paint your bedroom peach.

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