You’re in a stronger position to find a job if you already have one, and in today’s work environment, it’s better to hang on to a current job, even if you hate your boss, while you look. However, be careful when you do so to avoid others at work – and especially your boss – knowing that you are looking. Here are some tips on how to strategically look for a job while you have one without getting found out.

  • Do not send e-mails about other jobs from your work computer, even if you are on your own time for a lunch break or before or after work. Someone might easily see your e-mails, particularly your boss, who may periodically monitor workplace computers to see what people are doing.
  • Use your home computer or bring a laptop to work for sending out any e-mail queries during the day.
  • Don’t talk about your frustrations on the job or your plans to get another to any other employees, even if you feel they can be trusted. People can talk and the word can get around.
  • Limit the number of friends and associates you tell about your job search and only tell those who you feel you can trust to maintain your confidence and who might be sources of referrals to job leads. When you do tell them, ask them not to mention you or your job search to anyone else.
  • Use another name when you make initial calls to learn about job opportunities. Then if there is a job opening, you can use your real name when you submit your application in confidence.
  • Avoid publicly complaining or bad-mouthing the company you currently work for. The word may get around that you are dissatisfied, raising suspicions that you are looking for a job.
  • Continue to do your current job, even if you don’t like it, with energy and enthusiasm, so your boss and co-workers continue to see you as a hard-working employee and good team player. That way you will be more likely to keep your current job – and get a good reference when you do leave.

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