The best way to find happiness is to BE happiness. Happiness is not to be found outside of you; it is not something you have to find at all, because it is inherent to your very nature. To the extent you are connected in awareness to your inner life, your essential nature as a human being made in the image of your creator, you have access to happiness. In short, happiness is a state of being and you experience happiness through awareness of your Essence.

Let’s explore this further. Happiness is experience. In fact all of life is experience; that is all it is. Happiness is what we all search for in life. It is the motive for everything we do. Everything.

When you feel good about yourself, you are happy. But most human beings do not feel pleased with themselves. On the contrary, they criticize their body – too tall, too short, too thin, too fat, wrong skin color, wrong hair type. All this negative energy being directed to their body often manifests as illness and stress. Notice this starts with their inability or unwillingness to love their body; they feel bad about who and how they are.

We could apply the same attitude to intelligence, personality and capability: I’m too shy, too aggressive, not smart enough, can’t cope, stupid, ignorant, too clumsy, and we can all think of things to add to this list. But these negative beliefs and attitudes towards our self block feelings of happiness. Negative thought energy cannot result in a happy, positive experience.

You can see that happiness is really an inside job. It is a result of our capacity to self love. This is why self esteem is so vital. Happiness is love. It is joy. It is embracing the good and the beautiful. It is found through loving; through being joyful, discovering beauty everywhere and it is in knowing you can do this at will. Happiness is power: knowing you are powerful enough to achieve your desires and dreams. It is wisdom: trusting your inner guidance. And we have shown happiness results from the value you attribute to who you are, your level of self esteem, in addition to who you are BEing.

As you allow and embrace your self as wise, powerful, valuable, loving and joyful, to this extent will you be happy.

Happiness is a state of being we experience through our emotions and feelings. Just as we feel love and joy. These three, love, joy and happiness, are synonymous, they are aspects of the same essence. Happiness includes confidence in our own power, worthiness and wisdom. It is the greatest positive experience to which we can aspire. Happiness is a state of being in the Now, in which we do not feel any urgency to change what is. It is gratitude for what is, which automatically embraces what will be. It is union with one’s own essence, with the creator essence within. It is loving and allowing ourself to be loved; it is knowing we are deeply loved.

Happiness, positive emotional energy found deep within our own being, is available to each of us as we open up to it. How do we find happiness? Pursue it above all else.

Develop your inner connection to your Source/essence. To develop your capacity for more happiness, cultivate the positive emotions of love, joy and gratitude. Feel good, intend joy, love yourself first and you will be filled with the manifestation and outpouring of your essence, which is your well-spring of happiness. Then, and only then, will your happiness bubble over to reach out and uplift the world around you.

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Marie C. Barrett, is an author, teacher and holistic spiritual life coach. For your personal coaching to discreate negative emotions and reclaim your happiness, go to and see Marie's blog at