For many people the most difficult thing to master in their self-development journey is the ability to find Inner Stillness, that pure place within you that is your divine spark, your connection to all that is and the source of inspirational and transformational ideas.

I would like to share with you a relatively simple technique I have developed that most people interested in self-development will be able to master with a little practice.

First, find yourself a quiet, comfortable place where you can lie undisturbed for about 20 minutes. As a "fascinated observer" focus on your right hand and become aware of the tingling sensations in your right hand. This may take a couple of minutes to develop, but please persevere, as getting this part right makes the rest much easier. Then notice this tingly feeling spread over the whole right hand and arm and notice how you are beginning to lose awareness of the physical arm and just feel its expanded energy field.

While still maintaining the feelings above, now do the same thing with the left hand and arm until you just feel them as a mass of energy.

Continue the same process individually with the right foot, the right leg, the left foot, the left leg, then the trunk of the body - all tingling as you lose the physical sense of them one by one.

Then, be a fascinated observer to the mind chatter in the head and as you observe it in a neutral manner, it will switch off fairly quickly.

Focus gently on observing your breathing and feel inside where the breath is going. At a certain point shortly after that you will feel a definite energetic shift as you lose all sense of your physical body, becoming a mass of tingling energy instead - pure consciousness.

Stay in this wonderful space for as long as desired. It is from this place of pure Inner Stillness that you really feel yourself as Soul, with opportunities for the most amazing synchronicities and 'coincidences' in your life, helping you to move forward in ways you would never have imagined possible.

This makes a wonderfully rewarding daily meditation practice.

(Copyright 2010 Michelle Mayur)
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Michelle Mayur is the creative Conscious Entrepreneur behind the Heal the Healer Membership and Mentoring Program. A published author of Angels Are Watching, she is based in Melbourne, Australia and has worked as a professional healer in private practice since 1995 at Angel Wings Healing, specializing in Spiritual Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Contact