How to forget someone you love
Long ago when it used to take me more than three days to forget about someone I used to do the same wrong practices people do when they get into a relationship but as I read a lot about psychology I discovered that forgetting someone you love would take a maximum of 2 weeks if you did the right things after the breakup.

While there are tens of things that prevent people from forgetting about someone they love still the most two important points are believing that he was the one and trying to get him back or having a little hope in restoring the relationship.

He was the one
We fall in love with people who match the criteria that is present in our subconscious mind, some people call it the love map, others call it the subconscious criteria but in the end it’s the main reason we fall in love with someone.

What most people don’t know is that we don’t fall in love with someone who meets all of our criteria but instead we fall in love with those who meet 80 or even 70 percent of it.

This means that there is nothing called the one because if you love someone so much because he meets 70% of your criteria then this means that if someone met 75% of you will love him more.

Sorry to say so, but you were fooled by the media, each one of us has many potential partners or many ones instead of the one soul mate you saw on the movies.

Wanting him back
Having 1% hope of restoring the relationship can be the main reason that prevents you from recovery.

Why do we accept it when we lose someone close but we find it hard to accept it when we breakup? Simply because when someone dies we lose the hope in bringing him back to life and this loss of hope is the main reason we accept what happened.

Now after a breakup this 1% hope you have is the main reason you can’t accept what happened and it’s the main reason you are feeling bad. This 1% of hope is what makes you listen to sad music, go to the same places you used to go to together, wait beside the phone until he calls, day dream about him and visualizing being with him.

Kill the hope, stop listening to sad music , delete his number, burn the memories, prevent yourself from day dreaming and know that its over and you will forget about that person easily. It takes me three days to forget about someone and i believe it won't take you more if you did these things.

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