Set goals

Setting goals is the start of your road to success, without realistic and achievable goals, you won't get very far. Here you can investigate some tools that will help you better explore and improve your self confidence and really see your own personal growth.


This is the most under-developed skill in either relationships at home or at work. Listening is all too often a passive experience whereby you only take away what you want rather than what the other person wants you to. By developing your ability to listen carefully and attentively you will increased your own chances of meeting personal goals, you will also realise other people's. Listen and do not interrupt, and that way you can begin to earn the respect of others as they feel valued when talking to you. Interpret their wishes carefully and they will see the improvements in no time.

Little tokens

It is the often the small things in life that count, the tokens of appreciation and kindness. When you have listened carefully to someone and they happen to have told you that it was their wife's Birthday over the weekend, make a note of it and send a card the next year; the impact this will have will be huge. When someone mentions that their daughter has a cold, make a mental or physical note and ask them in a few days if the child is better. This costs nothing and is human instinct that does not come naturally to everyone, so nurture it and personal spiritual growth will follow, which is usually linked to success.

Measure success

In order to have achievable goals you have to be able to see and feel what you have achieved. A feel good goal is much more difficult to satisfy, so set a mark in the sand. When you reach a certain date on the calendar and you know you should have achieved a project timeline, or made a certain amount of profit, make sure you measure your progress against that milestone. Remember that you won't always succeed and failure is very much a part of the road to success, you will experience blips along the way, but as long as you are still achieving your objectives then you know you are on track.

Be positive

It is too easy to be critical and become a 'no' person rather than a 'yes' person. Always try to see the positive in people and in what they are doing, and this will not usually be easy. Some people are difficult, but if you can get past that and see the positive side of their motivations or personality then it will shine through in your approach to working and personal relationships. Misery is unhealthy, happiness rubs off on everyone around you, so spread the joy! There are plenty of statistics about the good a healthy smile can do to an atmosphere and many people simply do not smile enough. Smiles ease tensions and create a positive, successful mood.

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