The holidays are a busy time for everyone but especially for small business owners/entrepreneurs. In addition to everything else you’ve got going on: this is a great time of year to be connecting with your current clients and potential clients. Yup, that’s right. This time of year is perfect for generating new business, connecting with those you serve in a way that feels good to you, expanding and moving your business powerfully forward into the New Year.

Now, of course this completely goes against the old school sales techniques and way of thinking: pressure and intimidation. The techniques of pressure, intimidation, lying and manipulation actually don’t work well for heart-centered entrepreneurs and especially around the holidays. (Surprising, huh?) However, up until now this has been the main point of reference for "Sales" and a good excuse to put your success off until, you know, maybe January 15th or so... So entrepreneurs, like you, who are more heart-centered entrepreneurs, end up not doing anything to serve your business growth this time of year because, well, "[the timing isn’t very good."

But there is another way:

You can sell from your heart. During the holidays.

You can create client connections (Even during this time of year. Hey, especially this time of year!)

You can generate more income at the end of the year and feel good doing it.
So rather than using these next two weeks to do everything but connect with those folks you are meant to serve I want you to shift out of busyness into being in business. Now. And to do that you need to connect with people. Yes, even during the holidays.

Connect with old clients, potential clients, new clients, potential partners... Connect because that is what business is about...

That is ALL Business is About.
Human interaction is a business technique that has been proven lucrative time and time again!

Hint: That’s what true business IS.

So look at the next two weeks on your calendar and instead of checking out, check in:

Q: How can you reach out this time of year to those people (colleagues, family, friends...) who already know you, like you and trust and ASK for referrals?

A: Share your 2010 business plan with excitement. Speak about all the ways you intend your business to make an impact on the planet in the upcoming year (yes, even if your work local) and tell folks how they can help you do this!

Q: How can you connect with your potential client community and honor them this time of year by offering them something really special from your business? (What from your business would really make a difference for someone to start the New Year with?)

A: Maybe a sale, a special offer, a bonus if someone books before the New Year...

Q: How can you open up your heart to give from your business AND serve the highest good of all (which included YOU and YOUR business!)?

A: Choose to give a portion of all of your December income to a charity of your choice. Let people know about this. Let them know that there is a way for them to serve themselves (your service) and also create a bigger impact and give back (lots of folks are donating to charities during this time of year anyway... why not through your business...)
And I could go on and on and on with this Q&A...

See, if you believe that to stay in your business this time of year has to be hard, take a lot of effort, will have you appearing pushy or “out of holiay spirit” that is simply a belief. So – really – check in:

How is this belief serving you?

How is this belief serving your business?

How is this belief serving those who NEED what you have to offer?

Your Call To Action

Be honest - have you planned to just check out during these next two weeks and "wait until the New Year"?

Be creative - how can you generate business this time of year?

Be bold – step into the New Year energy for yourself and your business NOW.

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