If you want to have success at anything you first need to believe that you can get what you want. Your keys to success is your thinking. BY BELIEVING YOU SEND OUT VIBRATIONS to your subconscious mind which theN manifest in YOUR reality. If you constantly have negative beliefs then your success will be limited. If you have a positive belief system then you will enjoy life.

First, believe something different than what you believe now. Then focus your mind in a different way, on something totally different that what you’re focusing on now. It is not that easy, I agree! You might have to adopt different values (in other words, what is important to you may have to change), or at least learn to focus on what you want regarding your values, rather than focusing on what you want to avoid regarding each value.

“For any outcome you want, there is a certain way of THINKING and ACTING that will get it for you. You have to find that way of thinking and acting, and then ADOPT IT.” Burn this into your brain. There is no other way to accomplish something in the world. No other way. Right now, you are getting the results you’re experiencing because they are the direct result of the way you are currently thinking and acting.

To get different results with that old way of thinking and acting is not going to work. There is no other way then to change your inner beliefs. You CAN do this and don’t let anything or anybody stop you from it. And, make what you want MOST IMPORTANT on your list. If you’re procrastinating you aren’t making what you want important. And, you’re probably focusing on what you’re afraid of rather than what you want.
All the ideas you have about money, love, happiness, health – there is not truth to it. The only truth that I believe is there is limitless abundance for all of us. For some reason there seems not to be enough in your life? Money is just energy like everything else but it is those believes you have learned over time that wont let you have what you deserve.
So – do yourself a favour and remember this: every belief you have is picked up by your subconscious mind and manifested in reality. Negative thought patterns lead to a negative belief about your life. Cheers to your success!

Author's Bio: 

Monika Griessenberger is the writer and entrepreneur behind MindMovies4all. She got herself trained in International Marketing, Eventmanagement, Business Administration, studied HP-Psychotherapy, offered personal Coaching and Anti-Fear-Of-Flying Programs. Since 2008 she does Webdesign, Internet Marketing, Webmarketing, SEO and WordPress and Mind Movies.

She is now currently helping people making their own Mind Movie, starting to attract anything they want in their lifes. She operates her business from her home in Munich or on a laptop while traveling.

Email: mindmovies4all@t-online.de