How To get rock hard abs and how to get tight abs are two very frequently asked questions. When seeking out the answer you need to be sure exactly what you are looking for. Are you seeking rock hard/tight abs or are you actually wanting to have the sexy ripped sick pack look?

The two goals are not miles apart but they do however have a couple of important differences. Training for ultra tight abs implies that you are not so bothered in whether you get ripped or not, in fact you may just be training for some particular sport such as boxing, wrestling or something like that. However if you are wanting a 6 pack then you may have slightly different focus.

If rock hard tight abs if what you are aiming for then actually your training will be of single greater importance than your diet. Great exercises to get rock hard abs include:

All the regular varieties of sit ups and crunches can be done but get a partner to drop a solid basketball on your stomach between each repetition (they can progress over a few weeks to slamming it hard on your abs), activities like rugby and grid iron will ensure your abs also get a good pounded and build toughness in the region., try boxing to the body only - spar with a partner and make full contact the entire ab region will get a thorough pasting and you will get a fantastic aerobic training session too.

If you really desire a six pack then your main target should be on making a deficit of calories every day by exercising and diet. this is due to the fact that we all have a decent set of ab muscles already it is just that they are hidden well under a layer of fatty tissue. To be able to view the abs we of course have to lose this fat. Here are a set of quick guidelines that will help you to do so:

1) Eat smaller frequent meals. This helps speed up the metabolism which means you will burn calories faster.

2) Train with weights. Muscle needs a greater number of calories per day to support itself therefore the more muscle bulk your body contains the more calories you will use up even if you are resting.

3) Be very mindful of your diet. Keep your food intake down although that does not mean starving yourself, you need to keep eating regularly just not in the same quantities as previously.

4) Take part in interval training workouts. Try to complete aerobic training workouts 3-5 times a week for durations of 20-20 minutes and also two weight training workouts a week. This will have the combined result of increasing your metabolism and consuming calories.

5) Be consistent. If you stick to the above guidelines whilst your body will not magically change overnight it will gradually change to that which you desire. So there we have it, our quick guide to how to get ripped fast!

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