Read the title of this article carefully – it doesn’t say “all the money you want” – just what you need. The defining line between needs and wants is a little more blurred than you might think because, when I use the word “need” it is used in the context of having everything that you need to live your idea of a perfect life. But this concept, in itself, is also open to misinterpretation because of normal definitions of success – which are generally competitive and comparative. In other words, “I’ve a bigger car than him”, “They go on better holidays that us”, “My parents gave me a better sixteenth birthday party than any of my friends”. And, of course, we’re breeding a whole new generation who have the same preconceived notions of success, led by the nose as they are by what is presented as success on a whole raft of “reality” TV shows. (Yes, TV, being a visual medium is one of the most powerful and potential dangerous drugs around – but that’s the stuff of another article that I must write!)

Back to “what you need to live your perfect life”. The normal perception of need suggests that you’ve got enough to get by. But the spiritual texts of all major traditions talk of us, as children of God, needing to “shine our light”. Now, you tell me, is anyone going to be interested in someone who’s down on their luck attempting to shine the kind of flickering light that wouldn’t turn anyone on? No, if we’re meant to shine our light, we’re meant to do so from a position of abundance – and abundance means living your perfect life. It doesn’t mean being a millionaire – a lot of research suggests that the financially richer you are the less happy you are – but it doesn’t exclude it either.

The real question that you need to ask yourself is what would your perfect life look like, feel like, sound like, taste like and smell like. Your five senses speak directly to your subconscious mind – the inner you that dictates your behaviour and, consequently, creates your version of reality. You need to know what’s important to you, where your personal and professional priorities lie and how they should be balanced and where you and your loved ones fit into the equation (by that I mean a lot of people tell me they work long hours for their family but their family never sees them!) These are questions that we rarely ask ourselves but they are fundamental to your understanding of yourself, your life, your place in the world and enabling the universe understand the amount of financial means that you need to live your perfect life.

OK – the last sentence will sound strange to many people, but it relates to what many call the Law of Attraction and how universal energy will give you everything that you need. This is not an old-wives tale, quantum physics proves the manner in which energy responds to energy. The problem is that the normal person invests their mental energy in the common and everyday obsession with money, completely missing the point that if you put your desire for your perfect life first, money will arrive for the intended purpose.

Which leads me to the key point of this article and what prompted my writing it. I recently wrote an article “How to be Wealthy” and got quite a bit of response from people who said that it’s all very well to put the quality of your life first, but what if you’ve bills to pay and the money doesn’t arrive. My response was that my clients listen to what I say because I only talk about what I myself have experienced. I recounted to those who contacted me my own story of how, having been abused by venture capitalists, having lost our software business, having lost our source of income, we found ourselves, one day, with $18 in the bank and no more on the way. The normal reaction to a catastrophe such as this is panic – but I meditated in the sure and certain knowledge that the universe knows my needs if I plainly state them. Within twenty-four hours, we had $20,000 in the bank – and within forty eight hours that had risen to $32,000. All the money arrived from the most unlikely of sources that we could not have predicted.

One correspondent said that she had heard that the Law of Attraction can work pretty quickly if you’re aligned with universal energy and it is this alignment that is vital. By that I simply mean this. You need to be sure, certain and consistent in your view of what constitutes, for you, your perfect life. Normal people keep changing their minds – assuming that they’ve even thought about it in the first place. You need to stay clear and focused, batting away the useless thoughts that question whether or not you can really create the life that you want. Clarity and presence of mind are all that is required but such clarity and presence takes a commitment on your part. That commitment involves regular, daily mental training because the normal adult default state of mind is confused and tends toward the negative.

As children, we didn’t entertain useless thoughts, we simply experienced the here and now. It is this clear and present focus on the here and now that ensures that we always have everything that we need to live our perfect life – on our very own terms. I have mentioned meditation – not as some “feel good” exercise but with the clearly defined purpose of living our best life. We need to ensure that our head is in the right place because, if it is, everything else effortlessly falls into place.

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