Are you looking for free targeted traffic? Are you looking to increase your page rank? Are you looking to see fast results for your online marketing? Then you have two options: search engine optimization and article marketing.

Optimizing your web pages for high ranking in the search engines suppose to use, (together with a good description, proper meta tags, unique content and one way links to your website), keywords and keyword phrases with low competition and an appropriate keyword density in your content. However, you can not use unlimited keywords and the back links strategy must be progressive, otherwise you will be penalized by the search engines as spammer. Search engine optimization is very effective for website promotion, but it is a long term strategy.

In exchange, you have not these limitations when using article marketing. You can write as many articles as you want and publish them all over the web, using one or more keywords related to your niche market in every article you write, and linking to your website in the resource box of your articles. Publishing them in article directories you get the desired back links and free targeted traffic from the readers of those article directories, and more, if your articles are well written and offer valuable information, they can be reprinted by other webmasters looking for fresh content, and this means more back links to your website and more free targeted traffic.

There is not other advertising tool with so many benefits in such short time and with no cost for affiliate marketers. And the benefits doesn't end here. The benefits are practically endless.

* Article marketing helps you to establish your expert status in your niche market, to brand yourself. Of course, considering that you are providing real value in your articles.

* When you launch a website, although the search engine optimization, a press release and the submission of your website to search engines and website directories can help you to be noticed fast by the search engines, there is no way to get on the first page on the search engines from the first day. But most of the article directories are crawled frequently by the search engines and your article with a proper keyword can get the top position in less than 24 hours, which means that your website, mentioned in your resource box get the top position.

* There are also a lot of social networking sites, like Squidoo, Hub Pages, with high page rank and well seen by the search engines, which allow you to open a kind of free blog platform and posting your articles there. Again high PR back links and free targeted traffic.

* Blogging is another form of article marketing. There is no faster way to get your content on Google than Blogger, his free blog platform. There is no better search engine optimized blog platform than WordPress, and it's free also. Just open your own blogs and publish your articles there as blog posts.

* There is a huge number of social bookmarking sites, most of them with high PR, like StumbleUppon, Digg, Delicious, etc. All you have to do is to bookmark your websites and blogs and each and every article you publish in these bookmarking sites and your keywords will be all over the web when your prospects will search for them. Not to mention Twitter, which grows fantastically every day.

A good article marketing campaign is much costless and much riskless than a paid AdWords campaign and the long term results are higher. For more information about article marketing, visit my site.

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The author is running a website, "Article Marketing Proven Method", where you can find detailed documentation on how to get free targeted traffic and high page rank to your website. You may find out also interesting things on his blog, "Article Marketing Revolutionary Technique". You will find there a lot of tips related to article marketing.