It is not good enough to get the right nutrients that your body needs but you also need the right minerals. By pairing up the minerals and the nutrients, your body will have enough energy and the right amount of energy to fight off infections. Here are a few minerals that your body needs in order to grow taller.

Everyone knows that you need calcium in order for your body to grow taller. Calcium also helps with strengthening your bones and teeth but what you might not have known that it also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat. You can get calcium from dairy products such as milk and cheese. You can also get this mineral from sardines and green vegetables.

Chromium is another important mineral that your body needs in order to grow because this is the mineral that aids your body in growth. It also helps to keep your blood pressure at normal levels. Some foods you can find this mineral in are shellfish, chicken and brewer’s yeast. Almost all meats that you eat have this mineral in it.

Chlorine helps you keep your muscles loose and limber and also helps in cleaning the system out of things that are not suppose to be in the body such as infections or bacteria that can get you sick. This mineral is a nature cleaning agent for your body. You can find this mineral in table salt, kelp, and good old olives.

Another mineral that is good for your body is fluoride. Fluoride reduces tooth decay and strengthens bones. This is good when you are growing up. You can get the fluoride mineral from foods like seafood such as clams and shrimp and gelatin.

Iron is another mineral that is really important in growth of your body because it helps with your skin tone and hemoglobin in your blood. You can get iron from foods like liver, eggs, cereal and red meat.

These are just a few of the minerals that you need in order for your body to grow and function properly. Who knows, if you don’t have the minerals your body needs then you might end up low blood pressure, you can get a cut and bleed to death if you didn’t have iron in your blood because the hemoglobin stops you from letting your blood run out of a cut because it clots or thickens the blood so that don’t happen. Without minerals our bodies would not grow and no one would be healthy.

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