In your MLM business your time is incredibly valuable. It would be a huge waste of time to talk to leads that are never going to get started in your business, so you have to get the very best MLM marketing lead you can.

So what exactly makes a great MLM marketing lead? If you know who you are looking for, it is much easier to find them.

Look for people who are already MLM/Network Marketers.

As with any business it is best to target customers who are already spending money in whatever industry you are in. People like to make decisions that support their existing view of themselves. It is harder to convince someone who has never been in MLM and may have their doubts about the industry that they could be a success in your MLM, than to find a person who is no longer happy in their opportunity and still wants to achieve success in an MLM. You can also find people who have an interest in the industry, but have not found the right opportunity yet.

Be you must understand that you cannot pillage or destroy other opportunites, that would just damage the entire industry. But some people are unhappy in their company and with their sponsor and want to make a change.

Existing MLMers also understand how the industry works. You often don't need to explain the power of a good comp plan. They know what they will need to do to be successful. And your goal is to have a successful downline. With your help and guidance a veteran networker is likely to achieve success and momentum much faster than a newbie. Remember, you are not just looking for anyone to join your company and pay you commissions. You want potential leaders.

All MLMers need a leader.

They need someone who can actually help them to market their business. Who will tell them exactly what to do. Most companies simply lack decent training. So you must learn how to market an MLM online and add to your own education so you can offer value and actually help people. You can be that leader that can help people to succeed.

So how do you discover the best MLM marketing lead? Through a process called attraction marketing. Attraction Marketing is still somewhat new to the MLM industry. You grow your value through constant education. This will help in becoming a leader that is really able to help other people. If you use the knowledge to really help people you will attract the MLMers who really need a leader. Many will be interesting in working more directly with you. So you will be finding the type of leads that you want, and they will be more likely to be interested in working with you as well. Be giving. And some people will not be interested in jumping to a new company, but even assisting these people contributes to success stories in their business which helps the entire industry. This helps more people see the power in network marketing and provides you with an endless amount of high quality leads.

Get educated, be a leader that helps others, and start sponsoring the perfect MLM marketing lead!

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