Money - we all want more of it. We want more to come in and less to go out.

Money is a major concern for the majority of the business owners with whom I have been
speaking recently.
They are scared. They are worried about spending money. Their plan
for surviving "this economy" is to hang on to it, choosing very carefully what to buy.
Poverty consciousness really seems to be heightened among people in general and business
owners in particular.

Poverty consciousness says that there is not enough money. There is only a limited
supply of money and so we need to hang on to the money we have very tightly. So, then
we think about not having enough, we talk about not having enough, we listen to stories
about other people who don't have enough. What we don't realize is that focusing our
attention on not enough creates more of not enough.
Energetically we are sending out
the message of lack. So not surprisingly, that is what they get more of - lack. When
we are focused on lack, then we attract potential clients who are also focused on lack.

Since they are focused on not having enough, they will choose not to spend money with us
which heightens our thoughts and feeling of lack. Do you see how that works?

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are successful because they understand that there is no such
thing as lack.
The Universe is abundant and there is plenty for everyone. They
understand that money is energy. Like all energy, money flows freely where there is
not a block. Poverty consciousness creates fear and fear creates blocks. Money can't
flow freely in where it is not freely flowing out.

I can hear you now. You are probably saying "That's not true. I spend plenty of money
paying my bills." Well, you may be spending money by paying bills, reducing debt and buying
necessities, but that does not mean that you are allowing money to freely flow out.
Take a minute to look at your thoughts and feelings when you are spending money. What
are you thinking when you write the checks for bills? How are you feeling in your body?
Are you worried about having enough to get you through the rest of the week or to pay
yourself a salary? Is your body tense as you look at the bills coming in and the money
going out? If the answer is "yes", then you are not allowing money to freely flow out.
You are begrudgingly sending it out into the world coated with the energy of fear.

Allowing money to freely flow out into the world means that you send it out in love,
blessing it and intending it to multiply and do good as it touches the lives of many
people. Spiritual entrepreneurs not only welcome and embrace the money they receive from
the Universe through others, they bless it and send it back out into the Universe to do
good knowing that it will return to them tenfold.

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