Below are 14 steps to increasing the amount of items/tasks you are able to get done in a day, which is the key to increasing your overall productivity- which is the building block to success and achievement.

1. Have a “To-Done” list. Operating without a “to-do” list is like sailing without a compass: you could very easily end up wondering around and not accomplishing much at all.
2. Include simple, easy and routine tasks on your list. Do not limit your list to complicated work tasks, list little things as well. Checking off things such as “straighten desk” or “make breakfast” will help you befriend your list and make it easier to navigate towards using it and completing the tasks listed.
3. Pay attention and live in the moment. Stop thinking about what comes next and give your full attention to the task you are working on. It will help you be more detail orientated and will create a better end result. You already know the end game of why you are doing it, but enjoying the process will increase your overall effectiveness.
4. Call a potential client everyday. This will not only help you gain practice talking with potential clients it will make attracting clients and growing your practice a habit. Who is a potential client? Everyone you know or have a phone number for (including those in your community phonebook).
5. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Always. Even for the littlest things. This will help create momentum.
6. Ask yourself powerfully motivating questions. What will make today an awesome day? How can I make this task more enjoyable? What will make me feel good right now? Questions are the single most effective way to motivate.
7. Help someone else out. This could mean giving away some of your clothes or household items or it could mean volunteering your services for others. Whatever special skills you have been blessed with were meant to be used to help others. Helping others will put your life into perspective and gain you appreciation of what you have. Appreciation and realization go hand in hand with productivity. NOTE: If you are not exactly sure what talents or skills you have, take the Spiritual gift test located in your CANA student center.
8. Always take some time to give thanks. Giving thanks for what you have accomplished and what you will be accomplishing (today and in the months ahead) is a great way to subconsciously gain momentum and increase your focus.
9. Socialize. As coaches we often spend quite a few hours working from home. Get out and about. This will help increase your positivity and give you a chance to network.
10. Always ask for a referral. Make it a habit to say include a second brochure to a potential client and ask them to give it to someone they think might benefit from your services. Always end meetings, phone calls and random encounters with “if you know someone who would benefit from my services have the call me.” This is a one of the best ways to build up your business.
11. Have a coach. When you are training at CANA you are provided the opportunity to be coached by fellow students and your mentor at no additional cost to you. If you are not a student or graduate locate a coach who has an amenable payment plan option.
12. Have a clear vision. Your vision is ideally how you would like your life to be. The more specific it is the more effective it will be in guiding your daily tasks toward that vision. Thus the importance of re-reading your vision daily.
13. Exercise. Exercise combined with eating right are the top two things you can do to increase your energy and therefore your productivity.
14. Eat better. Aim to have 70% of every meal to contain fruit or vegetables uncooked. Try sliced veggies, salads, juices- whatever works for you. This will increase your energy and your vitality tenfold- which will in turn increase your productivity. Do not have the time? Make time. Put it on your to-done list.

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Coach Mackenzie Pearce is a owner/ director of teh Coaching Academy of North America Inc. For more useful free resouces we invite you to visit us.

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