Would you like to learn a few of the most elusive martial arts moves around? I will help you learn these techniques and give you tips to enhance your fighting skills, becoming faster, stronger, and more advanced in your martial arts training.

The groin kick is one of the best martial arts moves to learn. You can use any method necessary, including the kick to inflict as much damage as you can to the groin of your opponent. You may want to try pulling, punching, twisting, grabbing, stomping, or even biting to deliver damaging blows. This is one of the most sensitive parts of a male's body, making any injury very effective.

The eye gouge is another popular technique and martial arts move you should learn. During my Jeetkunedo Concepts training, I was taught that a punch to the face is nothing compared to an effective eye gouge. If you have an opportunity, a finger thrust into someone's eye can inflict a lot of damage. If you watch UFC fighters you will see them take a five minute break after an eye gouge. If something works, you should put it to use.

The last of our martial arts moves is a kick to the kneecap. Breaking through someone's kneecap can cause instant, permanent damage that will stop them from attacking. To do this correctly, you should visualize kicking your opponent through his knee joint. If you can cause your assailant to fall to the ground, writhing in pain, you will most likely be successful in your fight.

Memorize and practice these three martial arts moves to advance your training and become a better fighter. I also recommend you learn different styles of self defense and martial arts to become more well rounded and better educated on combat.

Another integral aspect of learning self defense is learning martial arts moves with active drilling and sparring with a partner. I recommend you go as hard and as fast and as often as possible, to burn the martial arts moves into your mind so it becomes instinct.

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