“Fear is an attractive force, like love, “ Lester said. We may have also heard, “What you fear, will appear.” Why is this?” Actually, it is quite simple. This may shock you, but here goes: Fear is in reality WANTING something to happen! For Sedona Method grads, it is just below Lust on the Energy Chart. The Lust feeling of Wanting something gets suppressed into the lower energy of Fear, where we can pretend we are a victim.

We don’t like to take credit for things. We want this terrible thing to happen, but we are embarrassed about it. So we push it down into fear, so we can blame it on someone else.
Sound familiar?

Now that we know this surprising fact, how do we let go of it? Here it is. Lester taught me a very simple process to easily and quickly deal with this. Ask yourself this question when you are fearing some event. Let us say you are afraid that your rent will be late this month. Ask yourself, “Could I let go of wanting the rent to be paid late? Would I? When?” Keep repeating this process. You will start to notice a lessening of the fear. It will just begin to melt away. Do it while driving, while preparing dinner, or in commercial breaks while watching TV.

Practice this process whenever you feel this uncomfortable feeling of fear. You might find yourself laughing a little at the silliness that you could actually WANT that thing to happen. Good, because you will release a little while laughing. In these tough economic times, we find ourselves fearing events more and more. Insecurity is prevalent everywhere. So remember, take the fear up to wanting, and let it go from there. It is much easier than dealing with it in the low state of fear. “Could I let go of wanting X? Would I? When? NOW!”

Fear is a paralizing emotion. You don't have to be a victim of it anymore with this easy process. Try it. You'll like it!

Author's Bio: 

Stephen Seretan was a friend and student of KISS Release Technique creator and Master, Lester Levenson. He teaches live classes via telephone and in person. He has an ebook available on his site www.LesterandMe.com about his 11 years of talks with Lester, called "Lester and Me, My Unforgettable Conversations with American Master, Lester Levenson".