For a moment let us think about the decisions that we made this week. Were they easy or difficult? Did you avoid or postpone any decisions? Are you hoping that others will make the decision for you?

Making decisions are important because how you make the decision and of course what decision you make will influence the quality of your life and happiness. What makes decisions a challenge for many of us is that there is a lack of certainty with most decisions. Each decision is a risk.

How can you help yourself know the best decisions to make? Reminds me of the scare crow in the film ‘The wizard of Oz’, at every cross roads he would just trust his heart, swing his arms and walk; but not all of us are comfortable with this approach. Another way to begin is by making an analysis of the situation. Based on the knowledge and circumstances of the moment, weigh the pros and the cons of each possibility and then ask yourself these questions:

• Will this decision reflect my personal values?

• What is my body telling me about this decision (tense, relaxed)?

• Do I feel great about the direction this decision is taking me?

By doing this we are considering our actions and insuring that we are acting from our best intentions. If after you have made a decision, you notice that it’s taking you in a direction you don’t desire, you can stop, re-evaluate and make a different decision that will take you in the direction you prefer to go.

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Mara Fisher LCSW, MCC, is a Relationship/Intuitive Coach. She specializes in understanding how we communicate our thoughts, our ideas our goals, and our visions of the future. She is a teacher of The Law of Attraction, women's assertiveness, intuition development, and the founder of Bridge of Life Coaching & Counseling Services.