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This short piece is written in point form from notes that I have collected over the years from an excellent book 'HOW TO THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE AND GET RICH' by Howard E. Hill (published by Parker Publishing Company, Inc). This article also incorporates some thoughts and extracts from Craig's three money manuscripts, THE MAD MONEY BOOK, HOW TO MAKE A MILLION and STEPS TO SUCCESS, PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS.

Firstly, and most importantly...

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS . Putting them in writing imprints them on the subsconscious mind.

Ask yourself this: How much money you want to earn next year?
Write, "By the end of the year, I will have X dollars/pounds in the bank"
"I will have doubled my assets each year for five years (constant growth)"
"By X (month and year) I will be a millionaire."

I've done this and shared itm my financial goals with my family. They think perhaps achievable with a great deal of luck... and in Italian lire maybe! (Anyone else would think I'm totally "off my rocker"... if they don't already!)


These are the landmarks needed to help motivate
you and keep you on track. Write down your short-term
goals, too. Fewer than one in one hundred people
do, but surveys at Harvard University in the United
States show that it's those one per cent who do are the super-achievers. Remember, it's your PLAN and no-one else's.

If you dream of being rich, quantify your dream into
figures and specific dates. That is the first step to
achieving wealth.

To become a millionaire on $20,000 a year and a 10
percent increase per year, you will need to do sideline
activities (plenty, mate!); so you can save and invest
some of your hard-earned money.

REPEAT TO YOURSELF, "I will increase my income
by $X this year." That's a positive affirmation.
So is: "I CAN do it, I WILL do it."

If you believe it strongly enough and desire it sufficiently,
your mind will do the rest. It will show you HOW to
achieve financial independence by leading you to the right path.

Be inwardly convinced that you will succeed and you
will. Believe the solution exists to any problem. If
there is no obvious solution, the human mind will find a way around the obstacle; otherwise it will set you on a new track. The human mind has amazing, incredible POWER.


The secret to success is having a quantified goal and a
deadline for achieving it. You will perhaps need some
kind of change in your life to achieve your goals. Once
set, your unconscious mind will work out the means
to reach your goal.

SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES WITHOUT HESITATION...like gold.(that's a simile, btw).

Don't be paralyzed by fear, which prevents many
people from living their dreams. Don't hesitate to
take the steps necessary to achieve the goal.

Never underestimate your self worth. You are special

No more and no less!


......and conquer your fears. Don't fear losing money.
Most people are more fearful of losing $10000 than of not making $100000!

Read Napoleon Hill's classic book, 'THINK AND GROW RICH'.

A few thoughts to conclude...

KNOW specifically WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. It is the same with money - not quantifying what you are looking for, aiming at.

Sadly, so many good people die without finding the 'key'.
They don't know how much they want to earn in a
year. "When you don't know where you're going, you
generally go nowhere." Take time out from your
busy daily schedule. Time to meditate, to THINK - the "hardest work" one can do!
(Even if my dear family think I'm crazy saying that, but then they do have "proper/normal" jobs).

Still writing is not "work" to me, as I simply love doing it!

THINK THINGS THROUGH, your financial plan and your life PLAN carefully.

BELIEVE that you can achieve your goals and crave it
passionately. Use your IMAGINATION (creative). Think and ACT successfully, even when you have little money, like us writers!

# BELIEF is the key "seed" and this will develop and grow stronger daily..

# Have FAITH (great) that you WILL achieve your goal.

through the rough times ("been there, done that!").
Develop the right ATTITUDE.

# LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES everywhere. In the midst of difficulty lies great opportunities and they are right there within reach.

Then .

# Have the COURAGE to do what you want to do, to do what you have to do..

Don't give up on your dreams. Be bold and positive.
One of my favourite quotes is:
"Be bold and unseen forces come to one's aid."
(thanks Brian Tracy)

# Act "as if" you are already successful.

# Ask yourself what are YOUR greatest DESIRES IN LIFE: Write them down - everything you want out of life.

# CONCENTRATE and FOCUS - it strengthens the mind.

Choosing the RIGHT DIRECTION is most important in getting started on the road to financial sucess.
Your niche is the key first step in that it sets your course. Together with PERSISTANCE. This involves every day "keeping on keeping on doing the little things to move you forward with your vision.. putting one tiny step in front of the next one".

Consistently taking little steps one by one. Doing what is required to move you ahead, daily, is the secret of success, financial and otherwise in life, I believe.

The pursuit of money for its own sake should not be an obsession preventing you from enjoying life. ("What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul?").

Enjoy the challenge, because in the great scheme of
things that is life, how important is money anyway?

and always, remember...

If you lose happiness, you lose everything.

The greatest possession, the greatest treasure in life
is freedom... and financial wealth can help give you that freedom.

"Discover who is it you really are; because the truth
will set you free forever."

I hope this article encourages you to find whatever
you are looking for in life... and always remember,
money isn't everything. I believe peace of mind and
JOY is far more important.

To your success (financial or any other endeavour
in life you may choose)

Craig Lock ("Information and Inspiration Distributer, Incorrigible Encourager and People-builder")

* (Not that he's anywhere near there... YET! But at
least he understands all the theory and has a great
deal of hope. We'll see what happens to him and
whether the principles DO work, or whether he ends up in the 'poor-house'!)

"Believe in yourself and in your dream,
Though impossible things may seem
Someday, somehow you'll get through
To the goal you have in view.
Mountains fall and seas divide,
Before the one who in his stride
Takes a hard road by day
Sweeping obstacles away
Believe in yourself and in your plan
Say not - I cannot - I can
The prizes of life we fail to win
Because we doubt the power within..."
- anon

"Try not to become a man (or woman) of success, but a person who strives to add value to others lives in some way."
- craig

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
- Pamela Vaull Starr

"You are never given a dream without also being given
the power to make it true."
- Richard Bach

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Cut that out now... you're meant to be writing about how to achieve wealth. Heed the words of your article and start thinking like a millionaire now, craig.
Ok ...I'm a millionaire...

in Italian lire!

"Writers should think like a business-person; but then any business-person would have the good sense not to become a writer."