Everyone knows that regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But if you don’t like to exercise, you probably won’t do it. True health isn’t about following rules and forcing yourself to do boring exercise routines and eat bland food. If you really want to feel healthy, lose weight and have more energy, you’ve got to have some fun with it!

Your body was designed to move. Without regular movement you’ll start to get grumpy and stiff. Your blood won’t circulate properly, your digestion will get sluggish and your body won’t be able to make the hormones you need to feel happy and energetic.

Modern life has got us all sitting around…in our cars, at our computers, at our desks and in front of the TV. Without intentional exercise, we’re likely to get very little movement in the course of everyday life. Technology has taken the movement right out of our lives and replaced it with excessive screen time and drive time.

Isn’t the Busy Lifestyle Enough Exercise?
Daily movement through outdoor, gym, or home exercises is essential for health and vitality. It loosens your muscles and joints, keeps your heart healthy, and produces the endorphins you need to feel healthy and happy. Even if your work or parenting gets you up and moving, you may not be receiving the full benefits of a dedicated exercise time.

Dedicated exercise time gives you the chance to get out of your head and into your body. Spending this focused time away from your daily tasks and concerns allows you to recharge physically and mentally. A good exercise session will get your heart pumping, your body sweating and your endorphins flowing much more effectively than any amount of running around or busy-ness that your daily life demands.

Find Something You Love!
The “no pain, no gain” philosophy doesn’t go very far to motivate most of us. Fun, on the other hand, is a great motivator! If you don’t enjoy exercising you’re unlikely to keep it up. And keeping it up is a key element to its benefits. Going to the gym every other day and suffering through boring or exhausting exercise sessions won’t do you much good if you only do it for a couple of weeks.

Find something that you truly enjoy and that feels good. Over time you can build in intensity as your body strengthens and your joints become more flexible. If you haven’t found the exercise that you simply love, try exploring new ideas – how about dancing, kayaking, or even hoola hooping?

So many fun options…
Walking, hiking and biking are great ways to explore natural beauty and take a break from your daily concerns. Getting into the groove of your body’s rhythm allows you to look around and take in the sights. You can choose to explore different natural areas or neighborhoods on your outings. While you’re enjoying the sights you can also work up a good sweat, raise your heartbeat, build strength and increase flexibility.

You may be drawn to adventure sports like rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, or paddling on lakes and rivers. Rock gyms and climbing walls have become popular in most cities. Or look for a local outing club to access training and equipment. Visit your local REI store or Sierra Club to find groups that sponsor everything from nature walks to technical climbing trips.

Swimming is a form of exercise that can be deeply pleasurable. Whether you have access to natural water sources, like a lake or ocean, or a public pool, the weightless and fluid feeling of swimming can be a true joy. Swimming is much easier on your joints than running or biking. If you enjoy being in the water, anything from water aerobics to swimming laps to surfing ocean waves can be a terrific workout.

And then there’s dancing! This is our personal favorite. Dance has been practiced as a form of exercise, expression and prayer by every human culture since the beginning of time. Countless forms of dance already exist and many more are waiting inside of you for the right music and the right moment to emerge.

Dancing gives your body the opportunity to move with rhythm and flow, like no other form of exercise. Every muscle and joint can be engaged in the dance experience. Emotions, toxins and all forms of stuck-ness can be shaken and shimmied right out.

Click here for more information about different forms of enjoyable exercise and video recommendations that can get you started having fun with exercise!

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