Sure, generating lots of traffic to your website is great, but how do you convert them from visitors to customers? A business coach can help you perfect these 6 aspects of your site to get you well on your way..

Incentives- Presenting the visitors at your site incentives to make purchases on the homepage is the best way to make fast conversions. Discounts for first time buyers or complimentary shipping for certain order sizes is a good start. Visitors are typically fairly compliant with providing valuable information for your database in exchange for a purchasing discount.

Visual Appeal- Aesthetics plays a huge role in determining how successful an e-commerce site is at turning its visitors into customers. All the functionality and information in the world does not amount to much unless it comes in a pretty package. In today’s market it’s likely that customers will bring their business to the next guy if you’re working with an outdated, unattractive website. To make sure you don’t lose those visitors with short attention spans, use a less is more approach on the home page, but make sure there’s more information available for those who want to dig a little deeper.

Technology- This includes tools online visitors can use, as well others a business deploys behind the scenes that can dramatically affect lead-conversion. Choose your tech features wisely, and don’t overlook the power of video, it’s where the internet is headed.

Getting Customer Information- Special incentive offers are designed not only to get visitors to buy, but also to obtain email and home addresses you can use to continue communicating with them online and offline. Don’t lose any leads by failing to ask visitors to supply one or two pieces of information!

Follow up Fast- Send the prospect an email shortly after their visit- if you can include content tailored to the visitor’s clicks and interests on your site, that’s even better. This can be done with an automated system, and it sets the stage for a series of email communications to the prospect that can include marketing offers, product announcements, newsletters etc. It also helps to attach someone’s name, like the president of the company, to the email.

Supplemental Value- An informative and regularly updated blog can give your company a credibility boost and hold visitors interest enough to keep them engaged in the shopping experience. Demos and testimonials can help too, as well as posting positive mentions of your company in the media.

-Some data from Entrepreneur Magazine

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