School days as we all know is supposed to be the most wonderful days of our life. It is that particular time of our life when we are able to explore our thoughts, increase our insight, interact with different types of new individuals and most important of all, have fun. However, today, school life has become quite stressful for the present generation. However, with good understanding and a little effort, one can easily cope up with the stress in school.

You too can easily cope up stress at school if you follow some simple steps listed below.


Being organized can relieve you from stress at school. Most students ignore the responsibilities and organizational aspects that are taught in school. If you pay attention towards these points, your school life will become stress free. Being organized relieves you from the tension of finding the important note or your homework that you require immediately and thus reduce the chances of unnecessary stress. If you are able to keep your workstation or your folders and desk clean and organized then it will be easier for you to find the correct thing at the correct time.


Try to understand your priorities first. You must be able to identify what is important and what is not. Your school homework or assignment is more important than the ball game or any other television show. If you do have any school homework or assignment that is pending then you must complete that first, since that is of higher priority than anything else. After you complete your assignments and homework you can enjoy as much as you can. Learning to prioritize will help you achieve your goals easily and reduce stress.

Avoid Procrastination

If you are able to complete your work before schedule, you will be able to enjoy as much as you can with a relaxed and free mind. If you have any school assignment or homework that is pending the chances are that even if you are trying to have some fun time with your friends you will have a constant fear and worry on the back of your mind about the pending work. If you are able to finish your work before schedule then you will find that you will have enough time for your weekends to enjoy.

The art of saying “NO”

When you have a pile of schoolwork to complete, learn to say “no” to invitations for a birthday party or picnic or in fact any such excursion or party that you can enjoy any other time. The temptation will be there but learn to say in such situations since ultimately this is going to help you.


If you are behind schedule and have tried all the above procedures then it is time for you to ask for an extension to complete your work. Asking for an extension can sometimes become difficult. However, you must understand that a work completed in hurry will be of substandard and will have an even worse effect than a work completed with perfection in extra time.

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