Let's face it; nobody enjoys having to sacrifice a night out at the movies, just so you can stay at home studying. It would be even worse if you had to miss your favourite band's only performance of the year. Having said that, you could of course join the millions of others who choose the fun things first and just put there studies off.

So, Friday night is a night for going out? Just put writing that report off until Saturday but be prepared for something because rest assured, on Saturday something else will pop up and the same is likely to happen on Sunday. All of a sudden its eleven thirty on a Sunday night and you know all too well that you'll never have your report finished in time.

Unless you're seriously different to the greater majority of the human race, you've found yourself in similar situations before on more than one occasion. Should you feel bad about it? Certainly not because after all, as humans, we all prefer the fun things in life rather than the monotonous chores we're always faced with. The only problem though, is that putting things off until the next day will nearly always result in stress.

A better solution is to make a list of the things that need doing, prioritize that list and then attack it and do things in a systematic and organized fashion. Yes, it's boring and it may actually make you seem like you are selling out, but in the long run, you will end up with more time for yourself to do the fun things on your list and have more fun doing them because your won't have to worry about the things waiting for you at home.

While many people tend to think that they should complete all the small tasks first, before tackling the big important ones, in reality it works the other way around. Providing you tackle all the worst jobs first, the small jobs will be a breeze and before you know it, you'll have quality free time on your hands. Likewise, if you have a specific job which you know will take longer than average, make a commitment to tackle it at a certain time and make sure you've set aside enough time to do it.

Another big waster of time is cell-phones. They all have voice mail; you would be wise to use it when studying. You should treat your study time as 'do not disturb' time or you will find yourself spending a few moments on this call, an hour on that call and before you know it, you are back into the time crunch again.

The benefits of making a list and actually sticking to it are many, especially nowadays when so many people have to make time for their studies in between doing other regular chores such as getting kids to school, cleaning the home, getting to work, etc. The solution to managing your time is all about working smarter, rather than harder.

Of course, each person's situation is different to the next, so each person will need to make their own adjustments, and fine tune their lists until you discover what works best for you.

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