In our work places, fatigue causes low productivity, wastage of materials and break down of machines. You may experiences pains in your back, neck or headache because of working throughout without taking a break. This is unhealthy because human body requires sufficient time for rest. God gave us one day for resting, the seventh day. But why are we doing against His will?

Many businesses and industries are experiencing absenteeism of employees and strikes due to fatigue and this has led to losses. This can be avoided if only they create a schedule that caters time for rest.

Fatigue is defined as the decrease in the capacity of a person to do work because of the previous work. Fatigue manifests itself in employees in the form of diminished capacity for doing work.

Fatigue, boredom and monotony are used interchangeably. It is better if you know the difference that does exist between them. Monotony is a mental tiredness caused by performing repetitive or routine job. Boredom is a depression caused by the desire to change an activity. On the other hand, fatigue is tiredness that is extreme.

The desire for employees to change an activity especially the work they're doing and employees experiencing mental tiredness as a result of performing repetitive or routine job will lead to low productivity, absenteeism of employees or strikes.

There are two aspects of fatigue. The first aspect is that it's physiological in nature whereby the lactic acid is accumulated in your blood resulting to breakdown of tissues in your body.

The second aspect is that it's a sort of negative appetite for work. The desire and passion to work is very low. If you continue working without any rest, you feel completely exhausted which results to tiredness that affects your brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

Five Ways of Overcoming Fatigue

1.) Short Working Hours

If you're fond of working for long hours without taking a break, then chances are that you're exhausted. Schedule short working hours in your work place to overcome fatigue. In fact, short working hours will lead to reduced absenteeism, accidents, sickness and negative attitude toward work. But this does not mean that working hours should be very short, let the working hours be according to the hours set by International Labour Organization.

2.) Improve the Environment

Poor lighting and excessive sound makes you and other employees to have negative appetite for work. You should make efforts to improve the lighting system if it's dim. The temperature of the room should be favorable and you should not work under an environment that is too noisy.

3.) Enlarge the Job

If employees are tired and bored from doing the same job every day you should rotate them to work in other departments. You should design various job activities in your organization so that you keep rotating your employees. By doing this, they learn new things pertaining to various jobs and eliminate fatigue.

4.) Music

Music reduces monotony and boredom thus overcoming fatigue if it's played where employees do repetitive work each day. This makes them to feel less monotonous in doing their work.

5.) Employee's Compulsory Leave

Industries and business organizations should permit their employees 30 days resting period. This makes them to visit places or go for a vacation hence changing the usual environment they're used to. When they resume work, they'll have gained energy and their minds would have rested hence overcoming fatigue.

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