Be honest. Have you been obsessing about all the reasons why you're not prosperous? Maybe you're thinking over how you just lost your job, your stock retirement savings plummeted, you contracted a life threatening illness, or your bipolar ex-spouse spent your last dime and left you in the street, crooning country songs off-key.

Whatever you're replaying over and over in your mind, there is one thing that can never be taken away from you--unless you are abducted by aliens I suppose--and that is your MIND POWER! Even people with brain trauma can often "grow back" parts of their brain that were damaged.

You have spent years filling your brain with information, like a carefully packed suitcase you carry with you, everywhere you go. When you're on a trip and need something, what do you do? You reach into your suitcase and pull it out, you substitute something else, or you IMPROVISE! It's your mind power that lets you make what you need out of what you've got with you.

Have you ever traveled for a month or more? Then you know that we either learn to do without something we think we need or we figure out how to have it, even if it's not in our suitcase.

The same is true with our mind power. We can use our INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL to create what it is that we need on demand. But we need to reach into what we've packed in our brain and LEVERAGE it to create what we desire.

Oftentimes we find that what we needed was there all along. Let me give you an example of this. I recently attended a Business Branding seminar that helped me realize the sequence of information products I'm creating and why. During the seminar, I realized that there was very little new stuff that I needed to create—I already had a bevy of seminars and information, of intellectual capital, that I was sitting on like a closed suitcase in an overcrowded airport.

This was a revelation to me! All I had to do was get off my suitcase and start pulling out and looking at what I had. Then I could combine it into something new, much like you assemble stunning pieces into an ensemble that puts even Jackie O to shame!

Hence I created the Get Fired Up CD collection of some of my most popular live presentations and an incredible, life-changing e-book and audio program, Get Out of Debt and Get On With Your Life, that can help you get your life and finances in shape so you can LIVE YOUR DREAM and complete your one-of-a-kind mission!

You're not a scarecrow, you DO have a brain! (And if the Scarecrow did have a brain he'd be really upset with you for overlooking yours.) Use it! Take a good look at your career trajectory and the projects you've completed in each position. What are you sitting on now that is needed in the world? What incredible idea do you have that when coupled with another of your incredible ideas can take the world by storm?

What are people always asking you to create or to do for them but for some reason or another, you never get around to it?

Listen friend, you don't need to go to Oz. You've got to build your own Oz and no one will do it for you. The good news is that the blueprint is already there, waiting to be tapped, right inside your own head. And I bet you'll find the yellow brick road is paved with gold when you leverage your intellectual capital. Isn't it time you get off that big asset of yours and get moving??

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Professional speaker and coach Dr. Barnsley Brown loves helping people like you save thousands of dollars and start living the life of their dreams! Check out Dr. Brown's exciting e-book and audio package, Get Out of Debt and Get On With Your Life, at