How To Read The Tarot
By LilianEden

Ace Of Cups

Tarot reading is not only for 'those people with special gifts'. Anyone can learn the art of tarot if only they would let themselves go and play a little! I will create a few hubs along the way and spend some time with each suit/element. In addition to the tarot cards, learning more about numerology and meaning behind colors would also be very beneficial. Tarot reading is about interpreting images, color, numbers. Also, introducing yourselves to all the astrological signs and behavior helps a great deal too.

After learning some of the basics in the areas mentioned, along the meaning behind each tarot card, it carries over to your imagination! When you learn some of the basics, and begin to read for yourself and family/friends, you will in time see patterns develop with certain cards in certain order. The system/layout used varies, and I will be writing on that in another hub. So, let's start!


WANDS ~ Key words: Social and Work Activities -


Zodiacal Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Direction: South

CUPS ~ Key words: Love and Emotions


Zodiacal Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Direction: West

PENTACLES/COINS ~ Key words: Money and Health


Zodiacal Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Direction: East

SWORDS ~ Key words: Problems/Worries and Trouble


Zodiacal Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Direction: North

Hopefully you will have a deck on hand (Rider Waite is a great start) so you can follow along with pictures to accompany the meanings.



Key word: Everyone Ruled by: Uranus/Air

Positive Attributes: Freedom, Joy, Youth, New Life, New Experiences, Adventure

Negative Attributes: Foolish, Pleasure Seeker, Sexual Focus, Irresponsible, Ignorance

When you see The Fool, know that you have a choice of some kind. New situations abound, a fresh start of some kind. Depends where this card falls in the spread and with what other card surrounding it. It's speaking about a time of reinvention, a choice you can freely make. It can also mean there is a desire for new experiences, sudden activity and adventure. This card also cautions that one must pay attention to their environment and use insight through all new circumstances. It's a time for freedom, new path, new choice, but don't throw caution to the wind in the process. It's also a card which says there is a Soul of an Entrepreneur that needs to grow and develop a talent further. Have trust in new ideas and plans without interference from other people.

2. The Magician

Key Words: I Will Ruled By: Mercury/Air Element Also: An Ace

Positive Attributes: New Beginnings, Leadership, Mental Growth, Originality, Creative, Meditation, Receives Knowledge From "The Source" yet grounded in logic, Awareness.

Negative Attributes: Stuck, Stagnation, Physical Drive, Egotistical, Lacks Self Confidence, Lacks Discipline, Imbalance of some kind.

Swift and changeable, ruled by Mercury (communication) under Gemini/Virgo, there is a power present to manifest what one wants to have happen in their lives. There is a rare kind of energy present, being in the flow, and although there may be obstacles before this person, they will have the insight and energy on how to make 'it' happen for themselves. Direction is leadership is evident, ambition, desire for new relationships and/or activities. There may also be new lessons to be learned upon seeing this card - perfecting one's craft. When this card represents the inquirer, usually this person is suited for business, science, and high tech fields. A risk taker and over achiever, highly organized with tremendous power of concentration. It truly is a card of personal power.

3. Ace Of Wands

New beginnings in work and/or social activity! New thinking in business, new contacts socially. Beginning of a new job. Professional life will shine (or is currently) where the inquirer will meet with important contacts/people. If there is a conference/interview upcoming, they will excel! Financial success for the inquirer is assured if they asked about the outcome of their latest project/endeavor. There is a power behind communication and there is a gift of imagination associated with this card. The spirit of travel is alive, but a warning to be aware of scattering forces. Overall, new career development, and an indication of financial gain, or fame!

4. Ace Of Cups

There is an opening of the heart here! This card represents abundance, joy, pleasure, love and fertility. An emotional time where the inquirer should follow their heart and instincts. Let the guard down and go with the flow. It shows new beginnings in love relationships. New residence perhaps, happiness and pleasure. Good news, good health. If placed with a pentacle, success and reward financially will cause great happiness. It's a time when strong emotions will be felt. The meaning of this card and area effected will depend of other cards surrounding this one. Generally, a fantastic card which looks toward uplifting one's spirit.

5. Ace Of Pentacles

New beginnings with money! Could be a winning of some kind, an inheritance, or money coming from a project of some kind. Speaks of joint ventures which will turn out amazingly. Again, look at the cards surrounding this one to know what area is being effected for the inquirer. Also could point to a relationship based on financial security. Health conditions improve when this card is shown and also a time to improve one's health!

6. Ace of Swords

"Truth Behind The Veil" and "Great Determination" accompanies this card. It can represent a time when obstacles, worry, troubles may surround the inquirer, but it's what the inquirer can do that makes this card powerful. Yes, there will be new beginnings, but not without some fancy mental work. There can be victory here is inquirer applies themselves. There appears to be endings but with endings there are fresh new beginnings ahead. Depending on the spread there is can also be a need for the inquirer to release all negative thinking- negative mental attitude. There is much power at this person's disposal, but it's now up to the individual on how they wish to proceed ahead. It can also represent a time of 'cut off' - from a good friend or family. Potential for an operation or cutting off from a situation. There is transformation on the offerings, and powerful changes are upcoming. Looking at the situation with a fresh perspective is being asked here. If career is stagnant and this card shows itself, the inquirer should begin to think about their life mission or a change in career direction. It will become clear as this card is present. Problems then can become opportunities for growth and expansion. Which is probably known to the inquirer.

7. The High Priestess

Key Word: I know Element: Water/Moon Number: 2

Positive Attributes: Science, Reason, Good Intellect, Knowledge, Secret Wisdom, Emotions, Intuition, Subconscious.

Negative Attributes: Closed Mind, Egotistical, Overly Emotional, Superficial, Unskilled, Fearful, Duality.

This card is potent and depending on where it sits in the spread, it can take on different meanings. It's a card that generally speaks about 'things still hidden', a future unrevealed as of yet. If the inquirer asks about "x" and this card shows itself, it can mean the knowledge about that situation is not yet evident. More time is needed before answers will be revealed. Also, it can mean to trust the intuition. Spend time contemplating, meditating, and the answers you want is within you. For the artist, it says to use your intuition, find quite time and allow the creativity to flow. Trust in the process and all will be revealed in time. Also a card which indicates the inquirer could be highly intuitive and/or has scientific and mathematical knowledge.

8. Two Of Wands

A Card Of Potential! There is a knowing about social/work activities around the inquirer. They have the resources, knowledge, the world in their hands. Using their knowledge in social interaction and in business is key. There is an enterprising spirit here with much energy at their disposal. It's suggesting a time when the inquirer (or maybe another person around the inquirer in the spread) should assess their situation with patience and self restraint at this time. There are opportunities upcoming/invites which may not seem important but will take on more importance in time. Well worth thinking about. If accompanied by a pentacle (coins/money) there is a time of financial reward to come. Examine options before you jump in. If the person feels like they are feeling unhappy with their circumstances (work/social related), as if limitations are imposed on them, they can re-think about what they are doing and make alternative plans. It's a window of opportunity to re-think and re-vise now.

9. Two Of Cups

Magical! Could there be a love letter coming? A bit of great news!? There appears to be a potential for an engagement, marriage, or birth announcement. Happy events are indicated. Plans for the future in action. The inquirer will be in sync with another person, there is a reason for this bond. Or, it can be that an existing relationship is healed through forgiveness. There is a new relationship that will have a dramatic effect on the inquirer's life (or, another person in the spread known to the inquirer). It's about harmony, balance and co-operation. In business, there will be an element of closeness and all will turn out well.

10. Two Of Pentacles/Coins

The situation (depends on where) around the inquirer is one that is 'up in the air'. Change and pleasant transformation is present. It could well be, depending on the spread/inquiry, that there are two propositions on offer. Juggling two situations, two prospects, two propositions, keeps things in flux. There is an ability to handle these situations is indicated. Good news can also arrive with this card, one that will please the inquirer. Documents can also be represented by this card - the inquirer will receive feed-back. It's also asking the inquirer to be patient and wait until all elements fall into place. There is some information still pending before final decisions can be made. Also a great time to complete a project long abandoned. Overall, card represents communications, conversations, sharing of ideas, in flux, co-operation, emotions can be unsettled (because things seem to be unsettled). It's all temporary. Keep the faith.

11. Two Of Swords

A card of "alliance". The inquirer might be finalizing a partnership in someway. Coming together for a particular reason - see cards around this one. This situation only after some consideration. Not everything may be revealed however so there is some caution here. Sometimes it refers to the inquirer (or person around the inquirer) as not being able to see past their own blind spots. This would indicate it not being a good time to make a sudden move but to see all aspects of any one situation. Could be within oneself as well. Take the blinders off and deal with any outdated emotional blocks, for example. A passive attitude could also be indicated with this card. Which would mean the time is now to get to the root of anything (any area) which is stopping the inquirer from moving ahead. Deal with problems at hand. The blame game won't work anymore. Be open to new information. Intuition may not be clear at this time. Time is needed. All will be revealed if the inquirer does some work and the universe will provide the rest. It would seems all areas of the inquirer's life is in transition, or will be; residency, career change, romantic choice all may be disrupted.

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