There are many things you can do when looking to romance your wife. To give your wife a special romantic evening you might want to start with a candle lit dinner, perhaps with some calm, quiet music playing, and then move on to a warm bubble bath, followed by a relaxing massage. What woman could resist having all the stresses from her day just melt away with a sensual massage, enhanced by some lovely scented oils.

A sensual massage is a great tool to bring a couple closer together, sharing an intimate experience, and leaving their inhibitions behind. When many people think of a sensual massage they immediately think of sex, but a sensual massage doesn’t have to involve sex at all, it can simply be a pleasurable experience for both partners and as the Kama Sutra, it will bring you closer together through gentle touching and caressing.

You should begin by lightly kissing your wife, touching her hair and gazing into her eyes. Have her lay down on her back with a comfy pillow under her head. You should start by pouring a small amount of massage oil into the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together before applying it. Massage is about touch, so it’s important to always have at least one hand on your partner. You can also tell by her breathing if she is enjoying your sensual massage techniques.

Begin at the feet, rubbing them gently, but don’t stay there too long or your wife could get sleepy! Next, move up the legs, softly touching the inner thighs and brushing lightly over the genital area. Run your fingertips up the stomach, then lightly touch her nipples and breast area, stroking the outer sides of the breasts together.

Rub your wife’s hands, devoting your time to each individual finger and finish by holding each hand for a loving moment. Rub her shoulders gently and then ask your wife to turn over where you can work your way down the spine, massaging the outsides of the spinal cord, but not the spinal cord itself. Use your fingertips on the lower part of the bum and the top of the legs, graze the inner thighs and work your way back down to the feet. By this time your wife should be in heaven and completely relaxed. A sensual massage can definitely make for a romantic evening.

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