If you know how to set up a blog for launch correctly you can generate a lot of momentum in the early stages of your site. It is common for many when creating a blog to inadvertently overlook a few 'minor' steps that could slow their progress. The blog building process normally takes a bit of time before progress can be seen. By preparing your site and yourself properly BEFORE launch however you can expect to see progress sooner rather than later.

If you are blogging to make money it is a sure bet that you will be motivated to see progress as soon as possible since money tends to strengthen our motivation. With that said here is a simple 9 step process to use when creating a blog you want to establish as quickly as possible.

Establish Your Niche

The first order of business is to select a market or niche that your blog will focus on. Now you want to be sure that the niche you select has some sort of following. Now if you are blogging to make money you need to also be sure that these people spend money or else you will be wasting time and effort.

Establish Your Hosting and Domain Name

In the earliest stages of creating a blog you will need to select both a hosting service and a domain name. The name you choose should have one of your main keywords in it which will make it more relevant in terms of search engine rank.

Choose Your Theme

Select a theme for your blog that is appropriate for your niche and your intentions. Generally if you are blogging to make money you will want a more professional looking theme however your target audience also needs to be considered. Selecting a 'playful' theme or one with a lot of color may be a better fit for your purposes.

Prepare 20 Posts

To get a quick start and build momentum early on you will want to prepare about 20 HIGH QUALITY posts BEFORE you launch your blog. By doing so you will have plenty of content that you can post to the site to stir up an interest while also giving you time to produce more posts. Continual posting is a large part of the blog building process.

Determine How to Capture Names

If you are blogging to make money you will want to set up some way to capture names of the visitors to your site. You can position an opt-in box on the blog itself or you can channel traffic to a location off your site. This is your choice but if you place a box on the blog make it easy to find but NOT dominating in size.

Establish Twitter Account

If you have a Twitter account great and if not go sign up for one since this is a great way to increase the exposure of your blog. Twitter has an app called twitterfeed that allows you to 'tweet' every new entry you post to your blog. With the large membership base Twitter has and the automation of this app you can not beat its effectiveness and ease of use.

Get Comfortable Writing

Oh yeah, while you are busy during the launch of your blog you MUST continue to create content to post to your site. The more content you post the more traffic you will receive therefore if you want to attract lots of readers you will need to give them plenty to read. The blog building process takes time but if you stick with it you will be rewarded especially if you are blogging to make money.

Use Social Networking

Get involved with other social networking sites to helps increase the exposure of your blog. Blogging takes a lot of time if it is done right so choose a few social network sites you are comfortable and start making some friends and spreading the word.

Build Backlinks

Go out into your niche and visit other blogs that are relevant to yours. Check out the posts and comments and participate in any discussions. When making any 'meaningful' contributions to these discussions you will find people notice and 'follow' you back to your site. If your comments are beneficial to others the blog owner will also notice and visit your blog to see what it is all about. If they like what they see they will link to your site creating a backlink that helps boost your search engine ranking.

Knowing how to set up a blog correctly can save you a lot of time after launch in establishing yourself in your chosen niche. The blog building process will take some time no matter what you do but a strong launch can capture you a lot of momentum. This momentum is especially important if you are blogging to make money since who does not want to profit as soon as possible. The 9 steps reviewed here today will help you generate and capture momentum immediately upon launch to establish your blog as quickly as possible. Of course the final destination of your blog will ultimately be influenced by the level of your commitment and efforts after launch and throughout the life of your blog.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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