Your blog posting is the backbone of your site and what lends to its popularity. Let's face it if the blog entries you post do not offer value of some sort to readers you can kiss them goodbye. In addition to quality in a post the blog reader is also looking for quantity insofar as if they like what you write they will want as much of it as they can get. This offers quite a challenge to the site owner but it is the price you must pay to have a popular blog.

So how can the 'demands' of the blog reader be met WITHOUT the site owner pulling all their hair out trying to meet these challenges?

Here are 3 blogging tips for finding stimulating ideas to blog about while also maintaining a less than frantic posting schedule.

Prepare Post in Advance

This takes the chaos and pressure out of preparing blog entries. The 'buffer' you create by working ahead allow you to take time when needed for rest & relaxation or other personal matters. At first it may take some discipline to sit down and create several blog entries but the 'breathing' room you experience by doing so will be motivation enough to continue this practice.

Do Not Limit Your Range

Do not restrict yourself to a narrow range of topics that are directly related to the subject you blog about. This will create more pressure than you need and will also have you scrambling to find some other angles or twist. Besides the blog reader will become bored by reading about the same old thing just written in a different way.

Allow yourself to blog about a wider spectrum of topics as long as they relate, even loosely, to your main theme. This makes creating content easier since you have a broader range of directions you can take.

Scan Comments for Ideas

Recognize the input readers contribute by reviewing their comments. Quite often comments can help you take a direction that readers would enjoy which is perfect since it is the readers you are writing for. After all a popular blog contains what the people want to read and if they can tell you, that eliminates the guess work for you as the writer.

Your blog posting is probably the most 'serious' component of your site and requires that you deliver both quality and quantity to keep the blog reader happy. In order to maintain a consistent pattern of creating and posting blog entries a strategy and/or system needs to be developed. This will not only help you maintain a popular blog but will also help you maintain your sanity as well. The 3 blogging tips discussed above are aimed at diluting the 'madness' and frustrations associated with too little information or time for creating and posting quality content to your site. The net result should be more satisfied readers and a fuller head of hair for you.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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